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act vocabulary 2008

act vocab

an omen, a sign of future events harbinger
a mystery or puzzle enigma
a tendancy or strong desire penchant
hectic disorganized frenetic
sparing in eating and drinking abstemious
wind or turn in its course meander
trickey or deception guile
weaken, enfeeble debilitate
obstruct, make more diffifcult hamper
help bring about, make less difficult facilitate
grieve, express sorrow lament
abundantly fruitful prolific
sullen ill humored morose
to scorn contempt disdain
not talkative naturally silent taciturn
to defame or slander someone vilify
yes man sycophant
strictness rigor
threating ominous
sustainable viable
wicked nefarious
dull routine mundane
pacify placate
discontented person malcontent
flood, to submerge deluge
to depart secretly abscond
wandering away from subject digression
quack, pretender charlatan
harsh, grating to the ears cacophonous
a noisy chaotic situation brouhaha
an arrangemnt of balanced proportions symmetry
fussy difficult to please, choosy fastidious
happening by luck or chance, fortunate fortuitous
continuous, never ceasing incessant
foul smelling malodorous
to hinder, burden, restrict motion encumber
purification, cleansing catharsis
totally lacking devoid
minor weakness or character flaw foible
to harass, plague beleaguer
uncompromising unyielding adamant
to gather to store garner
quick to act w/o thinking impetuous
lacking energy, slow languid
inactive or slow moving sluggish
a person who excels at telling stories raconteur
a disastrous or uncontrolled fire conflagration
extreme happiness euphoria
common ordinary uninteresting prosaic
a brief rest respite
to satisfy a desire often for nourishment satiate
support reinforce bolster
about to take place imminent
capable of being felt, touchable tangible
short lived fleeting ephemeral
unemotional stoic
harmful poisonous baneful
sociable; outgoing gregarious
warlike aggresive bellicose
complicated, involved, twisted convoluted
idle, lazy, apathetic lackadaisical
to sharpen hone
complaining, fretful querulous
inborn, natural innate
determined, persistence tenacity
extreme fanatic zealot
to strive to equal or excel emulate
of little importance or significance inconsequential
nearness proximity
wealth opulence
excessively proud, superior supercilious
coax cajole
attacking cherished traditions iconoclastic
composed of elements drawn from diverse sources eclectic
talkative wordy garrulous
said or done in jest jocular
charm mislead or delude beguile
assent agree without protesting acquiesce
Created by: lleyser