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ACT Victory L1

abacus a frame with beads or balls used for doing or teaching arithmetic
abash disconcert; to make embarrassed and ill at ease
abate to deduct; to make less
abduction to carry off by force
aberration a derivation from the normal or the typical
abeyance temporary suspension
abhor detest; to shrink from in disgust or hatred
abhorrence loathing; detestation
abide to stay; stand fast; remain
abjure recant; to give up (opinions) publicly
abominate loathe; to dislike very much
abrade to scrape or rub off
abridge shorten; reduce in scope or extent
abrogate cancel; call off
abscond to go away hastily and secretly
absolve acquit; to pronounce free from guilt of blame
abstinence the act of voluntarily doing without pleasures
abstruse hard to understand; deep; recondite
absurdity nonsense
abyss chasm; a deep fissure in the earth; bottomless gulf
acclaim to greet with loud applause or approval
accretion growth in size by addition or accumulation
acerbic sharp, bitter, or harsh in temper and language
acquisition something or someone acquired or added
acrimony asperity; bitterness or harshness of temper, manner, or speech
acute shrewd; keen or quick of mind
adapt adjust; to make fit or suitable by changing
adjunct connected or attached in a secondary or subordinate way
adorn ornament; to put decorations on something
adroit expert; clever; skillful in a physical or mental way
adulterate not genuine; to make inferior or impure
adversary opponent; a person who opposes or fights against another
advocate a person who pleads another's cause
aesthete a person who artificially cultivates artistic sensitivity or makes a cult of art and beauty
aesthetic artistic; sensitivity to art and beauty
affable gentle and kindly
affinity connection; close relationship
afflict to cause pain or suffering to; distress very much
affluent plentiful; abundant; flowing freely
aggrandize to make seem greater
alias assumed name
allegiance loyalty or devotion
alleviate to reduce or decrease; lighten or relieve
allocate allot; to distribute in shares or according to a plan
alloy the relative purity of gold or silver; fineness
allude to refer to in a causal or indirect way
altercation an angry or heated argument
amalgamate unite; combine
ambiguous not clear; having two or more possible meanings
ambivalence simultaneously conflicting feelings toward a person or thing
amble to go easily and unhurriedly
amerliorate improve; to make or become better
amenable willing to follow advice or suggestion; answerable
amiable good-natured; having a pleasant and friendly disposition
amicable peaceable; showing good will
amphibious can live on both land and in water
anagram a word or phrase made from another by rearranging its letters
analogy partial resemblance; similarity in some respects between things otherwise unlike
anarchy the complete absence of government
anathema a thing or person greatly detested
anatomist a person who analyzes in great detail
anecdote a short, entertaining account of some happening
anhydrous without water
animosity hostility; a feeling of strong dislike or hatred
annexation attachment; adding on
anomalous abnormal; deviating from the regular arrangement, general rule, or usual method.
anthology a collection of poems, stories, songs, or excerpts
antidote a remedy to counteract a poison
antigen a protein, toxin, or other substance to which the body reacts by producing antibodies
antipathy strong or deep-rooted dislike
anvil iron or steel block on which metal objects are hammered into shape
apathetic feeling little or no emotion; unmoved
apocryphal not genuine; spurious; counterfeit; of doubtful authorship or authenticity
appease to satisfy or relieve
appraise to set a price for; decide the value of
apprehension an anxious feeling of foreboding; dread
apprentice novice, any learner or beginner
arabesque a complex and elaborate decorative design
arbitrary unreasonable; unregulated; despotic
arbitrate to decide a dispute
arboreal of or like a tree
arcane hidden or secret
ardor passion; emotional warmth
arduous difficult to do; laborious; onerous
arid dry and barren; lacking enough water for things to grow
aromatic smelling sweet or spicy; fragrant or pungent
arouse to awaken, as from sleep
articulate expressing oneself easily and clearly
artisan craftsman; a worker in a skilled trade
aspiration strong desire or ambition
assail assault; to attack physically and violently
assay an examination or testing
assert to state positively; declare; affirm
assimilate to absorb and incorporate into one's thinking
astound amaze; to bewilder with sudden surprise
astute cunning; having or showing a clever or shrewd mind
atrocity brutality; a very displeasing or tasteless thing
auditor a hearer or listener
augment enlarge; to make greater, as in size, quantity, or strength
auspicious successful; favored by fortune
austere forbidding; having a severe or stern look or manner
avid eager and enthusiastic
avow to declare openly or admit frankly
ballad a romantic or sentimental song
banal commonplace; dull or stale due to overuse
bane ruin; death; deadly harm
barrage a heavy, prolonged attack of word or blows
barren empty; devoid
barrio in Spanish-speaking countries, a district or suburb of a city
bask to warm oneself pleasantly, as in the sunlight
baste to sew with long, loose stitches
beacon any light for warning or guiding
bedazzle to dazzle thoroughly
bedizen to dress or decorate in a cheap, showy way
belated tardy; late or too late
belligerent at war; showing a readiness to fight or quarrel
beneficent doing good
benevolence a kindly, charitable act or gift
benign good-natured; kindly
bequeath to hand down, pass on
berate to scold or rebuke severely
bewilder puzzle; to confuse hopelessly
bias a mental leaning or inclination; partially; bent
bilge the bulge or a barrel or cask
bilk to cheat or swindle; defraud
blandishment a flattering act or remark meant to persuade
blatant disagreeably loud or boisterous
blithe carefree; showing a gay, cheerful disposition
boisterous rowdy; noisy and unruly
bolster a long, narrow cushion or pillow; to support
boon blessing; welcome benefit
boor a rude, awkward, or ill-mannered person
bourgeois a person whose beliefs, attitudes, and practices are conventionally middle-class
brazen like brass in color, quality, or hardness; impudent
breach a breaking or being broken
breadth width; lack of narrowness
brevity the quality of being brief
buttress a projecting structure built against a wall to support or reinforce it
cadet a student at a military school; younger son or brother
cadge to beg or get by begging
cajole to coax with flattery and insincere talk
calk a part of a horseshoe that projects downward to prevent slipping
callous unfeeling; lacking pity or mercy
camaraderie loyal, warm, and friendly feeling among comrades
candid honest or frank
capacious roomy; spacious
caprice whim; a sudden, impulsive change
capricious erratic; flighty; tending to change abruptly
caption a heading or title, as of an article
carping tending to find fault
cartographer a person whose work is making maps or charts
castigate to punish or rebuke severely
catalyst a person or thing acting as the stimulus in bringing about or hastening a result
catapult a slingshot or type of launcher
catastrophe any great and sudden disaster or misfortune
caustic corrosive; that which can destroy tissue by chemical action
cavern a cave
cerebral intellectual; appealing to the intellect rather than the emotions
charlatan a person who pretends to have expert knowledge or skill
Created by: ellex4xlove
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