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penile and abd

penile and abd doppler

4 causes of erectile failure hormonal imbalance; psychogenesis/neurogenic dysfunction; cavernosal venouse leak; arterial insufficiency
penile blood supply is derived from hypogastric art > internal pudendal art > to the base of the penis
when obtaining penile systolic pressure, which artery should be used? Dorsal artery or cavernous artery Dorsal artery
What is a normal penile/brachial index (PBI)? greater than 0.7
what are the steps to determine impotence? 1.R/O PAD 2.obtain penile systolic pressure (cal PBI) 3.PVR 4.reative hyperemia (optional)
T/F normal erectile response post injection is 5 min False- normal is 10mins and should last for 30
what is the normal values during an erectile state? psv >35/ edv <5
a complication of papavarine injection priaprism
abdominal ao demonstrates low/high resistance above the renal arteries? low
FMD in renals occurs where? mid to distal renal artery
Renal artery stenosis must be greater or equal to __ before it causes HTN 70%
T/F Only the sma and ima must be invovled for bowel ischemia to occur? False - Celiac, SMA, and IMA (all needs to be involved)
Fear of Food syndrome Mesenteric Ischemia
Is high resistance in the segmental renal artery normal? NO- high res determines renal parenchymal dz
tardus parvs waveform in the renal seg art suggest what? >70% stenosis in the MRA
180; 200; 275 are systolic velocities of stenotic vessels. Name the vessels? >180 for RA, >200 for Celiac art, >275 for SMA
SMA/IMA are low or high resistance? High! but Low post pranial
Created by: amandarose01