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vascular disease

name the syndrome/ disease

pain in toes caused by thromboemboi; aka "trash foot" Blue Toe Syndrome
or "small vessel fixed" occlusive dz; aka thromboangitis obliterans Buerger's Disease
digit vaso-spastic disease, discoloration of fingers Raynauds Syndrome : primary- without obstruction, secondary- underlying autoimmune connective tissue
total occlusion of deep veins sparring collateral with painful pallor limb Phlegmasia Alba Dolens
iliofemoral thrombosis extends to collateral veins with painful cyanotic limb Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens
Lt common iliac vein compression that results in vein thrombosis usually in pregnant woman May-Thurner Syndrome
Repeated extrinsic compression of the subclavian and ax vein that results in thombosis Paget- Schroetter Syndrome
Thrombosis or extrinsic compression that results in dilatations of neck veins, facial edema and bilateral arm swelling SVC Syndrome
inflmmatory process of the arterial wall affecting medium and large arteries Takayasu's & Giant Cell Arteritis
genetic disorder of connective tissue. predisposed to arotic aneurysm or AO dissection Marfan Syndrome
95% neurogenic compression of brachial plexus or 5% commression of subclavian/ax artery Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
hypoplastic/ absent deep veins in lower ext. Kleppel- Trenaunay Syndrome
renal vein entrapment Nutcraker syndrome
compression of the celiac axis median arcuate syndrome
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