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Causes of CVA embolism thrombosis hemorrhage
Which attack resolves the symptoms within 24 hours? TIA or RIND Transient Ischemic Attack - resolve in 24hrs Reversible Ischemic Neurologic deficit (RIND)- symptoms resolve but NOT w/in 24hrs
Amaurosis Fugax/TMB is related to ipsilateral or contralateral? IPSILATERAL
The best acoustic window for the ICA is the.. posterior-lateral approach
What are 4 ways to differentiate the ICA from the ECA? 1. ECA has extracranial branches,ICA doesnt 2. ECA is high resistant 3. ICA is usually larger in diameter than ECA 4. ECA can be identified by the Temporal Tap
Which flow can be seen at the bulb area? flow seperation or "eddy flow"
If the doppler gain is set to high, which type of flow can it mimic? Turbulence Flow
What can be used on the machine to detect "trickle flow"? Low PRF or power doppler
String of Pearls is a sign of .... and occurs where? Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD)- Distal segment of the cervical portion of the ICA
a condition in which delamination occurs Carotid Dissection
The % diameter reduction was obtained by measuring the residual lumen (RL) and the true diameter (TL) at the "same" location aka bulb diameter stenosis is which method? The traditional "BULB METHOD"
TRUE OR FALSE: Velocity acceleration occurs @ 60% but some consider 50% the threshold. TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE SRU guidlines uses the 50% threshold with post chaotic turbulence TRUE stenosis must measure 50 or greater but with velocity acceleration and post turbulance
TRUE OR FALSE Expect LOWER velocities in an ICA stent FALSE higher velocities because stents do not restore arterial lumen to normal size
plaque ulceration should be reported if it exceeds .... mm 2mm
Which plaque characterization has an "egg-shell appearance" ? Intraplaque hemorrhage (IPH)
common hemisheric symptoms associated with the contralateral hemisphere paresthesia, hemiparesis, hemiplegia, ataxia
which angle is doppler beam parallel to flow zero degree angle
blood velocity may increase or decrease in a normal distal ICA increase
doppler angels should not exceed 60 degrees
hemispheric ischemia, headache, ipsilateral neck pain are symptoms of what Carotid Dissection
These conditions occurs more in women FMD and Carotid Dissection
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