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MT Ch 10 Test

Medical Terminology Chapter 10 test

what is the medical term for infectious polyneuritis? Guillain-Barre Syndrome
What would I call an incision the thalamus? Thalamotomy
What is the fear of being in high places? Acrophobia
What is the fear of being in narrrow or closed places? Claustrophobia
Failure to resist impulses to steal objects is known as ? Kleptomania
This order is characterized by repeatedly and deliberetly setting fires? Pyromania
Is a condition characterized by poor muscle control,spasticity,speech defects,and other neurologic deficiencies due to damage that affects the cerebrum. cerebral palsy
What is the inner surface of the skull lined with? Dura Mater
Nerve fibers that carry nerve impulses towards the brain would be known as what Ascending nerve tracts
The pons, the mid brain and the medulla are all part of what? Brainstem
What lobe of the cerebrum controls motor functions? Frontal Lobe
What is commonly know as lou gehrig's disease? Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Also known as peripheral neuritis, is a disorder of the nerves that carry information to and from the brain and spinal cord. This produces pain.the loss of sensation, and the inability to control muscles,particulary in the arms and legs. peripheral neuropathy
Depresses the central nervous system to produce calm and diminished responsiveness without producing sleep. sedative
What would I call a fear of spiders? Arachnophobia
Is a progressive autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation that causes demyelination of the myelin sheath. multiple schlerosis
Is characterized by chronic anxiety plus exaggerated worry and tension even when there is little or nothing to provoke these feelings. generalized anxiety disorder
inflammation of the brain? Encephalitis
What is the condition where an individual act as if he or see is sick even when they are not? Hypochondriasis
suturing of a nerve? Neurorrhaphy
Is a sensory perception (sight,touch,sound,smell,or taste) experienced in the absence of external stimulation. hallucination
a group of intense emotional feelings that include apprehension, fearfulness, and terror. These symptoms are accompanied by physical symptoms can include shortness of breath,feelings of unreality,sweating, heart palpitations,chest pain,choking sensations. panic attack
Created by: cwhitel