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MT CH 7 Test

Chapter 7 Medical Terminology Test

Is a genetic disorder in which the lungs and pancreas are clogged with large quantities of abnormally thick mucus. cystic fibrosis and is it a aquired or genetic disease?
is a mechanical device for artificial ventilation of the lungs that is used to replace or supplement the patients natural breathing function ventilator
what is the name of the test that is often performed to detect nocturnel defects in breathing, its also associated with sleep apnia? Polysomnography
the progressive loss of lung function characterized by a decrease in the total number of alveoli, the enlargement of alveoli, and the progressive destruction of the walls of the remaining alveoli emphysema
is the accumilation of air in the pleural space causing a pressure imbalance that prevents the lung from fully expanding or can cause the lung to collapse pneumothorax
define what blood in the pleural cavity is called? Hemothorax
What is the word part for voice? phon/o
The word part for breathing? PNEA
What is also known as the common cold? Upper respiratory infections or acute nasopharyn-gitis
What is an inflammation of the bronchial walls? Bronchitis
What is in inflammation of the pleura? (does not end in a it is) pleurisy also known as pleuritis
what would I call a collection of pus within a body cavity? Pyothorax
The airways have become inflamed and thickened, and there is an increase in the number and size or mucus-producing cells. chronic bronchitis
Is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural space, this produces a feeling of breathlessness because it prevents the lung from fully expanding pleural effusion
What would I call a build up carbon dioxide in the blood? Hypercapnia
What would I can an inability to produce normal speech? Aphonia
What is the term I would use for paralysis of the larynx? Laryngoplegia
also known as whooping cough, is a contagious bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract that is characterized by recurrent bouts of paroxysmal cough, followed by breathlessness and nose inspiration. pertussis
what is another name for the adams apple? Thyroid cartilage
Is a procedure performed using an endoscope in which chronic sinusitis is treated by enlarging the opening between the nose and sinus. functional endoscopic sinus surgery for also known as fess
What would I call a surgical incision into the pharynx? Pharyngotomy
This device measures oxygen saturation levels of the blood and is called? Pulse oximeter
is the exchange of gases within the cells of the body organs,cells and tissues. internal respiration
Created by: cwhitel