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AR Marketing Unit 8

Promotion:Communication & Selling

Advertising paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion or ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor
Approach starts the conversation on a personal basis with pleasant and positive comments from the salesperson that show an interested tone in the customer
Channel medium through which a message is transmitted
Communication the process in which a person or group evokes a shared or comon meaning to another person or group
Communication process the transfer of a message from a sender to a receiver
Decoding the process by which the receiver interprets the transmitted language and symbols to comprehend the message
Demonstration a personalized presentation of the features of the product in a way that emphasizes the benefits and value to the customer
Encoding when the sender converts an idea into a message that the receiver can understand
Feedback the receiver's response to the message
Message what is being communicated
Noise/barriers any distracting information in the transmission, the message channel, or the receiver's environment that may inhibit or distract from the message
Personal selling direct communication between a sales representative and prospective customers
Promotion any form of communication a business used to inform, persuade, or remind people about its products and/or improve its image
Prospecting identifying prospective customers otherwise known as leads
Public Relations the effort to reach consumers by generating positive publicity
Receiver the person or persons to whom the message is directed, or any person who understands the message that is sent
Sales promotion an activity or material that offers consumers a direct incentive to buy a product or service
Sender the source of the message being sent
Suggestive selling offering additional products and services after an initial sale in order to increase customer satisfaction
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