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Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic vocabulary words - self study

òg (awk) young, youthful
òg (awk) young, youthful
treun (trayn) brave
ceart (cehrsht) right
làidir (LA-jir) strong
mòr (more) big
sgìth (skee) tired
Tha (ha) is, am, are
Mi (mee) I, me
beag (bek) little, small
lag (lak) weak
fuar (foo-ar) cold
teth (cheh) hot
sean (shen) old
cearr (kyar) wrong
Sibh (sheev) You (formal, polite)
Thu (oo) You, Thou (informal)
snog (snawk) cute
gòrach (gor-aCH) foolish
grinn (green) handsome
fliuch (flooCH) wet
Cha not
A bheil (u val) to ask a question
beartach rich
duine (DOO-nyuh) man, a man
bean (ben) woman, a woman
leanabh (LE-nuv) child, a child
athair (A-hur) father
màthair (MAA-hur) mother
mac (mak) son
nighean (NEE-an) daughter, girl
teine (CHEN-yuh) fire
an, am, an t-, na, nan forms of the
sabaid (SA-batch) fight
modhail (mo-il) polite
glic (gleehk) wise, clever
bòidheach (boy-ach) beautiful
Bha (va) was, were
is (iss) and
cha robh (cha ro) was not, were not (makes Bha negative)
dol (doll), a'dol (uh dol) going
falbh (FA-luv) leaving, going away
leughadh (LAY-vugh) reading
seinn (shayn) singing, playing, singing on the pipes
an diugh (an deeoo) today
an de (an jay) yesterday
leabhar math a good book
Ciamar (Ki-mar) How?
Carson (Kar-son) Why?
Airson (air son) for
biadh (bee-ugh) food
Cuin? When?
Co (coo) Who?
leis (laysh) with
agam (A-kam) at me
agad (A-kat) at you (singular and informal)
agaibh (a-kav) at you (plural or singular and formal)
orm (o-rom) on me
ort (orsht) on you (singular and informal)
oirbh (o-rov) on you (plural or singular and formal)
féileadh (FAY-lugh) kilt
claidheamh (CLAEE-yuv) sword
sgian (SKEE-an) knife
còta (CAW-ta) coat
bròg (brawk) brògan (BRAW-kun) shoe shoes
ùr (oor) new
idir (EE-jir) at all
ach (aCH) but
'S docha (SDO-CHuh) perhaps
Madainn mhath (MA-teen vah) good morning
Feasgar math (FES-kar mah) good evening
Oidhche mhath (UH-EE-CHyuh Vah) good night
e (eh, a) he, him
i (ee) she, her
iad (ee-at, ee-ut) they, them
a-raoir last night
dhachaigh toward home, homewards
agam (A-kam) at me (Have word usage)
agad (A-kat) at you (singular and informal - Have word usage)
aige (EK-yeh) at him (Have word usage)
aice (ECH-yeh) at her (Have word usage)
againn (A-keen) at us (Have word usage)
aca (AH-ka) at them (Have word usage)
orm (O-rom) on me (Wear word usage)
ort (orsht) on you (singular and informal - Wear word usage)
air on him (Wear word usage)
oirre (O-ra) on her (Wear word usage)
oirnn (orn) on us (Wear word usage)
oirbh (O-rov) on you (plural or singular and formal - Wear word usage)
orra (O-ra) on them (Wear word usage)
do to
dhomh (gõ) to me
dhut (goot) to you (singular, informal)
dha (gaa) to him
dhi (yee) to her
dhuinn (goo-een) to us
dhuibh (goo-eev) to you (plural or singular formal)
dhaibh (ga-eev) to them
ann in
annam in me
annad in you (singular, informal)
ann in him
innte in her
annainn in us
annaibh in you (plural, singular formal)
annta in them
Created by: bchicory



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