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USIDMS Lower Extremity Venous

Which vein is more prone to DVT? Lt CIV
When a patient has Lymphedema, what type of ultrasound appearance is present? "ant farm" , numerous subcutaneous fluid channels
When a person has emotional stress or cold sensitivity what will happen happen to the arterioles; vasodilation, or vasoconstriction? Vasoconstriction
When acute DVT is present, will the vessel be dilated or contracted? Dilated
What is another name for sluggish flow? Rouleau Formation
When Rouleau Formation is present, what does this suggest about the patient? It suggests that there is a proximal obstruction.
What color limb is associated with Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens ? Blue , cyanotic
What type of DVT presents with bright echogenicity, rigid texture, and irregular boarders? Chronic
What two veins do the ICAVL guidelines require to doppler? CFV and Pop V, also CFV of contralateral leg
Arteriovenous Malformation is an abnormal connection between the artery and vein. Is this a primary or secondary venous insufficiency? Primary because its congenital
Created by: admcellhin