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LT Veiksmažodžiai

Lietuvių kalbos veiksmažodžiai

Mokyti To teach
Dainuoti To sing
Mokėti To know how / To be able to / To pay
Mylėti To love
Rūkyti To smoke
Siūti To sew
Kirpti To cut
Daryti To do / To make
Trukdyti To disturb / To prevent
Laimėti To win / To beat
Kosėti To cough
Girdėti To hear
Mesti To throw
Kvėpuoti To breathe
Kristi To fall
Parduoti To sell
Sėsti To sit down
Tapyti To paint (pictures)
Vairuoti To drive
Pamiršti To forget
Apsistoti To stay
Gauti To get
Jausti To feel / To sense
Džauti To hang up (to dry)
Čiuožinėti To skate
Įžeist To insult
Vakarieniauti To have dinner
Žvejoti To fish
Pažinti To know (someone) / To be acquainted
Mokytis To learn (to teach oneself)
Klausyti To listen / To obey
Laukti To wait
Lyti To rain
Naudoti To use
Pietauti To have lunch
Skaičiuoti To count / To calculate / To work out
Melstis To pray
Leisti To let / To spend money / To publish
Grįžti To return
Matyti To see
Rungtyniauti To compete
Šypsotis To smile
Uogauti To pick berries
Tekėti To flow / To rise / To marry
valgyti To eat
Pusryčiauti To have breakfast
Lipti To climb / To get onto (to mount)
Eiti To go (on foot)
Dirbti To work
Bėgti To run
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