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Heather Lit

Figurative Language Similies & metaphors
Metaphor Bob is a pig.
Simile @ things compared using "like" or "as"
Metonymy "the crown" meaning the queen. When one word is substituted for another
Apostrophe Addressing an object as though it were real..."O Mountain"
Hyperbole Overstatement
Gratuitous Act A deed w/o cause or motive
Personification Thing or animal is given human characteristics
Synecdoche When a small part stands for the whole or vice versa Wheels means car
verbal irony when someone says the opposite of what is meant. (sarcasm)
irony of situation Character is expecting one thing to happen and the opposite happens
Dramatic Irony When the reader sees the on coming disaster and the character doesn't
Ironic Twist of fate when the characters get something that they didn't deserve
Understatement when something is described in a way that is less then the true case
Paradox Using contradiction in a way that makes sense. "There is no freedom without laws"
sarcasm sour statement tinged with mockery Same as verbal irony
Diction word choice
dialogue Conversation between 2 or more people
Soliloquy Character speaks his innermost thoughts alone to himself....Type of monologue
Monologue An extended speech where the characters has listeners
Aside short passage spoken to the audience not heard by other characters
Story of Initiation character initiated into maturity or experience
Satire Witty humorous attack on something the author disapproves of
Novella Longer than a short story & shorter than a novel
Epic novel Based on war or life & actions of a hero
Novel book length, more characters & scenes
Fiction Not true
Non Fiction True
Fable Everything leads to a moral. Animals & nature
Journal form of autobiographical writing, day by day
memoir autobiographical dealing with recollections of memorable event
Essay brief prose of a restricted topic
novelette short novel written for a magazine
biography written account of a persons life
autobiography story of ones life written by that person
historical novel fiction that claims a basis in fact, in another place & time
romance novel life as we wish it was, not as it is
short story more realistic than a tale. tries to show rather than tell
fairy tale world of magic, dark in nature
tale strange & wonderous events, revelation of the marvelous rather than character
parable human characters, realistic plots, teaches a moral
picaresque novel likable scoundrel, at odds w/ society, rascal or rogue who recounts his adventures
epistolary novel story is told through letters
apprenticeship novel a coming of age novel
Static character fixed character, unchanging
dynamic character a changing character
round character complex, central, depth & detail, changing
flat character only 1 outstanding trait, rarely main character, do not change
stock character common, 'mad scientist'
foil character used to highlight opposing traits in another character
hero central character
antihero protagonist lacking 1 or more conventional qualities of a hero
antagonist most significant force that opposes the protagonist
protagonist main character, main action of the story, in conflict with the antagonist
dramatic situation person involved in a conflict
complication introduces new conflict
crisis point when crucial action, decision, must be made, making a turning point
conflict general struggle between 2 or more forces
recognition moment when ignorance gives way to knowledge
epiphany moment of insight, "ah ha" moment
truism a claim so obvious it's not worth mentioning
convention established feature understood by author & reader.....once upon a time
enjambment run on sentences, w/o punctuation
1st person when narrator is also a character using "I", "we"
3rd subjective narrator knows thoughts & feelings off more than 1 character & can switch between them
3rd objective fly on the wall doesn't allow the author to express thoughts & feelings of other characters, unbiased point of view
3rd limited knows thoughts & feelings of 1 character, 'he' 'she' 'they'
3rd omniscient narrator plays no part, but knows all, most reliable
exposition beginning, when everyone is introduced, setting
rising action when events start moving towards the climax
climax moment of greatest intensity
falling action after climax, towards conclusion
denouement resolution, end
plot arrangement of events
sub plot 2nd story line, enhancing the first plot
setting time & place, climate, season, year, location
tone/mood the works feeling & manner
symbolism object or person that represents something else
motivation reason for the characters actions
suspense pleasurable anxiety we fee, makes us wonder whats going to happen next
scene described vividly in detail, creates an illusion, reader feels like they are there
imagery descriptive language that creates a sensory experience
theme recurring subject or idea evident in a work
flashback scene relived in a characters memory, used to show something that happened before the story
style writer's particular way of writing
allegory when person place or thing consistently points to a parallel sequence of symbolic events....character named faith
in media res starting a story in the middle of events w/o an explanation of what happened before
deus ex machine 'a god from a machine' forced or improbable device used in the resolution
foreshadowing arranging events in a way that gives clues to upcoming events
allusion character name that makes reference to a place, event, famous person ect.
persona fake person created to be the narrator, not just a character
onomatopoeia word that makes the sound of ect.
denotation literal definition
connotation additional meaning of a word
assonance repetition of vowel sounds in successive words
alliteration repetition of consonant sounds in successive words
minimalists realistic fiction, flat, laid back, unemotional tone, just facts
genre categorizes works by subject matter
Created by: Hodapp
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