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Vocabulary- List 4

Untenable That which cannot be defended
Abdicate Give up, resign
Aberration A departure from what is normal or typical
Abhor To dislike intensely, loathe, despise
Benediction To say or speak well of, hence a blessing
Benefactor One who has given help, especially financial
Benevolent An inclination to do good, kindliness
Benign Good natured, kindly, favorable, not malignant
Malefactor; Malignant An evildoer or criminal; Having an evil influence, very harmful
Malediction; Malevolent; Malicious To say bad things, a curse; Wishing evil or harm to others; to cause pain, injury, or distress to another
Supercilious Thinking you are above others, arrogant, haughty
Supersede Replace, take place of
Misanthrope A person who hates or distrusts mankind
Miscreant One who behaves criminally, an evildoer, a malefactor
Misnomer wrong name
Amicable; Amity; Amiable Pleasant, friendly; Peaceful, friendly relations; friendly, affable
Gregarious enjoying the company of groups, affable
Segregate Separating into different groups
Egregious Out of the group, outstandly bad
Antipathy; Empathy Feeling against someone or something, dislike; Feeling the same thing as someone else
Diffident Lack of faith in oneself, lack of confidence
Fidelity; Infidelity Loyalty, faithfulness; Unfaithfulness
Perfidious Treacherous, untrustworthy
Elucidate; Lucid To make clear, clarify; Clear, readily understood
Pellucid; Translucent Very clear, transparent; permitting the passage of light
Acrid Unpleasantly pungent in taste or odor
Acrimonious Full of spite, bitter, nasty
Acuity; Acumen Keenness of perception; Mental sharpness
Acute A sharp angle, very keen
Exacerbate To sharpen or aggravate a conflict, inflame
Affluent To flow in abundance, wealthy
Confluence To flow together, convergence
Superfluous To flow above, hence exceeding what is necessary
Complacent To be so calm as to be self-satisfied, smug
Implacable Incapable of being calmed, relentless
Placate To calm the anger of
Created by: Rampage