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French World Languag


What is the capital of France? Paris
Bonjour Good Day
Salut Hello
Aurevoir Good Bye
Comment vas-tu? How are you?
Je m'appelle... My name is...
Comment t'appelles tu? What is your name?
Bien Good
Mal Bad
Comme ci, comme ca So,So
Merci Thank you
De rien You're Welcome
Oui Yes
Monsieur Mr.
Mademoiselle Miss/Lady
Et toi? And you?
Tres Very
Repete Repeat
Dis-le en francais Say it in French
Leve la main Raise your hand
Prends une feuille de papier take out paper
Ecris Write
Ecoute Listen
Lis Read
Zero Zero
un one
deux two
trois three
quatre four
cinq five
six six
sept seven
huit eight
neut nine
dix ten
plus add
moins subtract
font equals
What are the colors of the French Flag? Blanc, Bleu, and Rouge.
Rouge Red
Vert Green
Bleu Blue
Blanc White
Orange Orange
Noir Black
Jaune Yellow
Rose Pink
Violet/Pourpre Purple
Gris Grey
Brun/Marron Brown
Oj as-to Mal? What hurts?
La tete the head
il fait beau its nice weather
its raining il pleut
Quel temps fait-il? Hows the weather
What is Bastille? A prison
What is Bastille Day? When people strom Bastille. The French Independance Day.
Comment t'appelles tu? Je m'applle Taylor
Comment vas-tu? Bien
Ou as-tu mal? La tete.
Il y a combien France? Six
What are the colors of the French Flag? Rouge, Blanc, Bleu
What is the Capital of France? Paris
Where was the Eiffle Tower supposed to be built? Barcalona
C'est de quelle coulear grass? Vert
How do you say Simon says touch? Simon dit touchez
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