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Bio 131 week 3


For carbon dioxide levels to remain constant during exercise, which of the following factors must be elevated? alveolar ventilation
A lung that loses elastic fibers (as in emphysema) would exhibit which of the following characteristics? increased pulmonary compliance
Which of the following ventilatory patterns would result in the greatest ventilation per minute (assume constant dead space)? 8 840
4. Question : According to Poiseuille's law, which of the following statements are true if we wish to maintain a constant flow of gases? Halving the tube radius will require a 16-time increase in driving pressure.
Which of the following factors would tend to increase the elastic component of the work of breathing? decreased compliance of the lungs or thorax and increased VT
What is ventilation that is insufficient to meet metabolic needs called? hypoventilation
What happens during normal inspiration? I.The Ppl decreases further below atmospheric. II.The transpulmonary pressure gradient widens. III.Palv drops below that at the airway opening.
Regional factors affecting the distribution of gas in the normal lung result in which of the following? More ventilation goes to the bases and lung periphery.
What term is used to note the difference between inspiratory lung volume and expiratory lung volume at any given pressure? hysteresis
A fibrotic lung would exhibit which of the following characteristics? decreased lung compliance
What is the single best indicator of the adequacy or effectiveness of ventilation? PaCO2
Which of the following statements about alveolar pressure (Palv) during normal quiet breathing is true? It is negative during inspiration and positive during expiration.
All of the following will cause an increase in the pressure energy required for inspiration EXCEPT which one? increased compliance
In healthy individuals, what may lead to airway collapse? forced exhalation to RV
What is the primary function of the lungs? gas exchange
How is compliance computed? change in volume/change in pressure
Which of the following formulas is used to compute the mechanical work of breathing? change in pressure x change in volume
Which of the following ventilatory patterns would result in the MOST wasted ventilation per minute (assume constant physiologic dead space)? 30 170
In what portion of the lungs does alveolar dead space normally occur? apices
In a normal individual lying on the right side (right side down), which of the following conditions would be true? The right lung would receive the most ventilation.
Which of the following diseases or disorders is most likely to result in an increased VD/VT ratio? pulmonary embolus
During normal inspiration, which of the following occurs? Alveoli at the apexes expand less than those at the bases
For healthy individuals at rest, which of the following statements about exhalation is true? Exhalation will be passive, due to inspiratory stored potential energy.
How can the body effectively compensate for an increased VDphy? increased tidal volume
During expiration, why does gas flow out from the lungs to the atmosphere? Palv is greater than at the airway opening.
Created by: jseyfried