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English Exam 2012

(noun)all the property of a person may be used in payment of debts; a quality or thing that can used as an advantage asset
(adv.) showing deep understanding and intelligent application of knowledge sagely
(noun)Knowledge gained by actually living or doing something savvy
(adj.) empty vacant
(adj.) impossible to understand unfathomable
(adj.) feeling or showing an inability to believe something incredulous
(adj.) having a confident and easy manner nonchalant
(adj.) splendid, spirited, brave gallant
(adj.) speechless with astonishment dumbfounded
(adj.) Having an irritable mood Ornery
(adv.) coutiously Gingerly
(noun) The act of resisting or Challenging Defiance
(verb) to avoid or escape by being very quick,skillful, or trick elude
(verb) to call upon with a humble request implore
(adj.)cruel, fierce grim
(adj.) separated detached
(verb) to go or come back in thought or discussion recur
(adj.) real genuine
(verb) to turn aside; to distract divert
(noun) a state of dullness or lack of interest resulting often in stress or shock Stupor
(adv.) stubbornly determined doggedly
(adj.) trouble with misfortune stricken
(verb) to leave desert
(adj.) showing a mental disturbance marked by confusion , disturbed speech , and hallucinations Delirious
(adj.) Very great in size; enormous vast
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