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Dari Language Flash Card

Woman Hon Um
You Sha Maw
Your Az Shu Maw
I Know yot Darum
You Know Yot DarN
You How Sha Maw Chetor
Excuse Me May Bak Shin
How Chetor
Sir Ah Cah
Very Be See Your
Dont Know it well Hoob Yot Naw Dor Um
Well or Fine Hoob
I am Fine Hoob Ast Tom
How Are You Ceh Tor HastN
Good Bye Hoda Half Fiz
Very Much Be See Your Z Yot
Thanks A Lot Be See Your Z Yot Tashaker
you how are you Sha Maw Chetor Astin
I'm Afghan Afron Astom
You Afghan Afron Astem
You American AmeKye Astem
Minutes DaCa
Right Rast
Left Chap
Objective Ah Duf
Calendar Jan Tar Re
Meat Gought
Potato Catch Chal Lu
Chicken Mork
Pepper Morch
Rice Breeng
Translator Tar Jaw Mon
Bathroom Tas Nul
Gloves Dist Cash
Crazy Day Wana
Soldier Askar or Sar Baz
Beautiful Mock Bull
We Maw
I Too Maw Hum
I'm Coming Maw Hum MaryM
When Ki
Now Holla
Non a cost Noon Meal
Cost Noon
Non Bread or meal
Book Hor Em We eat/ We have
May Hor Em Were going to/ We want
Maw Bos MaryEm I will be back
Wasy Fast Duty
Ba Chesh Best Friend
Sod Clock
Ob or Wow Water
Bur N You: Come Along/Go/Come/Join
Bur Em We: Come Along/Go/Come/Join
De Rose Yesterday
Am Rose Today
Far Doe Tomorrow
Opa Ra Soune Operations
Mo Sha Were Mentor/Advisor
Kar Bar Report/News
May hon In Do you want
Yak Gay Los Ci A Glass of Tea
Hizoy Afrone Afghan Food
Be see your hoobas Very Good
Camy A Little
Pass on Tar Not Now thanks
Da on/in
Dar Rua Valley
Cou Mountain
Cour Tar down Mountain
Neem Half
Chee What
Hoobas is Fine
Dir Rist as Ok/ all right
Far do me be name Tomorrow we will see
Chob Wood
Mesley Like (object you like)
Mus Sal Example
Axe pictures
Ah Duf Objective
My yot megie rum I am Leaving
Fashf G2
Garum hot
Rose date
wakth time
Buluke Plt
ToLI Company
Kandak Bat
Laywall Bde
Qull or Due Core
Dell Guy Squad
Osh Pazz cook
Buffer myan here you are/ after you
Yak one
Due two
Say Three
Char four
PanJ five
Shush six
Haft Seven
HashT eight
No nine
Da ten
beest 20
C 30
Chill 40
PinJaw 50
Shast 60
Off Tod 70
Ash Tod 80
Naw Wad 90
Sad 100
ShamBa Saturday
Na Stum Am Not
Ma I
Am Ah But
Horhesh MayConNom Your Welcome
Khosh Amadi Your Welcome
Na May Dom Num I dont know
Nuf Ha Made Dom I dont Understand
May Dom Nim you know
May Dom Num I Know
Bah With
Bah Maw With Us
Coo Jaw Where
Coo Jost it's Where?
On Jaw Over there
On Jost It's over there
In Jaw here
In Jost It's Here
In Jaw Naste It's not here
Naste It's not
May Ton Num I can
May Tom Nin You Can
Gap Z Da Speak
ZRack Street
Gor Da Blvd
BreedMal SGT
BreedMan Lt
Toran Cpt
JagRan Maj
DarGerMan LTC
DarGerWool Col
Bad Zor Bahide/ Chost BaHide Good AfterNoon
Hawa Khobast The Weather is Good
Hama Chees Khobas Every thing is good
Cauf Feese That's enough
Bah Sha Maw to you
Bah To
Sad Due beast 120
Shu Da has become
Ha los Finished
Bah roy ma for/to me
bah roy keese for whom
be see your pee mat ast thats too expensive
Bah tin give
check car dal may hom N what amount you want?
aine ah bah roy sha maw ast this is for you
yak o say char
Hoob Gab Boot good point
ha zoro c 1030
c o pang 35
bur um bah tin give me
ha law shu da out of something
be see your z yot ast thats too much/ is very much
Pan's da ha zor hoob ast 15,000 is good
sad hundred
say sad dol al ast 300 dollars
Hat man of course
chi Dar N you have tea
engLeSee yot DarN you know english?
DarM I Have
Pee ma tish- Chands Ast how much it's price?
Chee Goof Tin what did you say
Created by: jserafin



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