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Oral Max surgery

The surgical assistant must have advanced knowledge and skill in Patient assessment and monitoring, use of specialized instruments, surgical asepsis, Surgical procedures, and pain control.
The surgical team completes procedures in two specific settings The private dental office, Hospital operating room
A room that resembles the operating room but on a much smaller scale Surgical suite
A patient who is receiving surgical care from an OMFS in an office setting is undergoing what level of surgery Minor Surgery
What type of things do you find in a Operating room Operating table, anesthesiology equipment, mobile surgical trays, holding instruments, overhead lights, monitoring equipment, standing room for extra assistants.
Surgical instruments are designed to do what separate the tooth from the socket, retract surrounding tissue, loosen and elevate the tooth within the socket or extract the tooth from the socket.
All surgical instruments are classified as what type? Critical instruments
To reflect and retract the periosteum from the surface of the bone. To detach the gingival tissues from around the cervix of the tooth is called what tool Periosteal Elevator
Are instruments used for the removal of root tips or fragments that may break away from the tooth during the extraction procedure. Root Tip Pick
Available in many different shapes and designs and are able to accommodate the oral surgeon's needs in grasping teeth with different crown shapes, root configurations, and locations in the mouth. Extraction Forceps
The is the goal of an extraction forcep To remove the tooth in one piece with the crown and root intact
this tool is designed to allow the surgeon to use the same instrument for the left and right side of the same arch Universal Forceps
Resembles a large spoon excavator Surgical Curette
What is used after an extraction to scrape the interior of the socket to remove diseased tissue or abscesses Curette
Used to trim the alveolar bone Rongeur
Which tool is used with a push pull motion to smooth the surface of the bone after the rongeur has removed most of the undesirable bone. Bone file
A tool that makes a precise incision into soft tissue with the least amount of trauma to the tissue Scalpel
Where do you discard a scalpel blade? Sharps Container
Instrument used to grasp and hold things. Such as soft tissue, bone, and tooth fragment. Hemostat
They look similar to the Hemostat and hold the suture needle Needle holders
Used to trim soft tissue and are never to be sued for non surgical tasks Surgical Scissors
To cut only Suture materials Suture Scissors
To hold and retract the cheek and tongue during surgical procedures Check and tongue retractors
Patients who receive nitrious oxide/oxygen, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia should use a Bite Block
Comes in a Single bevel to remove bone or a bi-bevel to split teeth Chisel
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