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Chapter 64

marketing your skills

a profession or occupation that usually requires a specific educational background career
an activity or service performed, usually for payment employment
a formal meeting in person to assess the qualifications of an applicant interview
person who meets the standards of a profession professional
a brief description of one's professional or work experience and qualifications resume
the end of an employee/employer relationship, which can be initiated by the employee or employer termination
who is responsible for your personal and professional development I am
what should your personal philosophy reflect your commitments, values, and concerns as they relate to future employment
a nonsolo practice can involve: additional dentists as associates, a partnership, or a group practice.
what are the benefits of being employed in a larger group opportunities to develop more specialized skills, professional stimulation and sociability of working with many auxiliaries, greater opportunity for advancement, potential for more extensive program of employee benefits
you want to select an employer whom you respect and whose philosophy of practice parallels your beliefs a factor to remember when you are seeking employment
what are the 9 basic employment choices from which a dental assistant may choose private practice, insurance, research,management consulting, teaching, dental schools, hospitals and public health and government programs
where might a dentist advertixe for a job position newspaper advertisements, campus placement, employment agencies, temporary agencies, dental supply companies, professional organizations and on the internet
your first contact with a prospective employer will probably be : made by telephone
when you call a prospective employer what should you say on the phone identify yourself and your reason for calling.
if you do not make a good first impression on the telephone or in person what could the consequence be you will not get a second chance
what is the purpose of a cover letter it serves to introduce you to your prospective employer and markets your skills and qualifications at the same time. It also serves to create interest on the part of the reader to look at your resume.
what are some guidelines to follow when creating a cover letter letter should be brief, professional and neat, one page, printed on white or ivory paper, address your letter to a specific person, if responding to an advertisement identify the advertisement, identify which position you are applying for
a letter of application can be completed in how many paragraphs three
the first paragraph of a cover letter : serves to introduce yoruself, states how you found out about the position and explains your interest in applying for the position
the second paragraph of a cover letter: tells why you feel you deserve the position.
the third paragraph of a cover letter: invites the dentist to contact you
on your cover letter what should you let the prospective employer know about your availability for an interview you are "always" available! let the employer know that you are available at his or her convenience
what is the purpose of the resume its a very important marketing tooth that is designed to interes prospective employers
what is the primary purpose of the resume i sto convince a potential empolyer that you are a qualified candidate for employment and that it would be well worth his or her time to interview you in person
what does the heading of the resume include three items: your full name with credential if appropriate, complete address, and appropriate telephone number
where is the heading of the resume located usually its centered at the top of the resume
what is the professional objective of the resume is a clear statement of the type of job you are seeking; however it should not be so narrowly stated that it limits your job opportunities
what should you list under professional experience on the resume your work experiences in order beginning with the most recent
what can you put under the certifications part of the resume licensure, cpr certification, HIV/Aids 7 hr certification, Registration, any other certificates you have received
under federal equal employment opportunity regulations, employers may not ask what questions regarding race, color, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, and child care arrangements
what should you do about any volunteer work as it pertains to your resume list it even if it does not pertain to dentistry
when completing a job application what should you be sure to do FOLLOW dirctions exactly
why is your appearance very important because you want your appearance to reflect the fact that you are a neat, well-organized and competent professional
what should you NOT wear to a interview your uniform
when should you plan to arrive for your interview 10-15 minutes early
what part of your interview is the most critical time? the first 10 minutes
how can you create a positive and professional impression by smiling, maintaining direct eye contact, offering a firm yet gentle handshake
who should conclude the interview the prospective employer
what is an excellent way to follow up with an employer after an interview a thank you letter
what does the follow up letter serve as a reminder to the employer of your interview, to accentuate your qualifications, to reaffirm your interest in the position and to help you stand out in the interviewers mind
what benefits should you inquire about health insurance, dental care for self and family, retirement plan, uniform allowance, dues toward professional organizations, travel expenses for professional meetings and bonuses
What topics should the employment agreement cover job description, work schedule, compensation, professional attire, termination, summary dismissal, giving notice
No single factor is more important in determining your professional success and achieving your career objectives than your own attitude
at a team player what goes a long way a positive attitude
to be punctual and on dute at all assigned times, to maintain high personal and professioanl ethical standards that result in pleasant, respectful, and professional interactions with all patients and staff members professional responsibilities
your professional image is VERY important, you should always look professional by having health skin, a neat an dclean haristyle that doesn not fall in your face or that of the patient, and appropriate clothing
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