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Dental Abbrev R-Z

Dental Abbreviations R-Z

R Right
RCF Root Canal Filling
RCT or Endo Root Canal Treatment
RD Rubber Dam
Rest. Restoration
Rev. Review
RHH Review Health History
RP Root Plane and Curettage
RPD Removable Partial Denture
RTC Return to Clinic
RX Prescription
S Subjective
Scl Scaled, Scaling
Sens. Sensitive or Sensitivity
SOAP Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
SSC Stainless Steel Crown
STC Soft Tissue Conditioner
Su Suture
Surg Surgical, Surgery
TA Tooth Ache
TB Toothbrush
Temp Temporary
Th Tooth
Thirds or 3rds Wisdom Teeth
TMJ Temporal Mandibular Joint
Top Topical
Tx Treatment
WNL Within Normal Limited
W/ With
w/o Without
Xylo or Xyl Xylocaine
ZOE Zinc Oxide and Eugenol
Created by: Katey722@msn.com