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Dental Abbrev A-D

Dental Abbreviations A-D

A Assessment
Ab. Antibiotics
Abr. Abrasion
Abs. Abscess
Abut. Abutment
ACNR All Caries Not Removed
ACR All Caries Removed
Adj. Adjust
Alg Alginate
Alv. Alveolar
Alvy Alveolectomy
Am. or Amal Amalgam
Anes. Anesthesia or Anesthetic
Ant. Anterior
ANUG Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis
Apico. Apicoectomy
Appl. Appliance
Appt. Appointment
AW Arch Wire
B Base
#-B or Bu or Buc Buccal
BA Broken Appointment
Bl Bleeding Index
Bk. Bracket
BP Blood Pressure
BU Build Up
BW Bite Wing
BWX Bite wing x-ray
CaOH Calcium Hydroxide
Canc. Cancelled
Car. Caries
CC Chief Complaint
CD Complete Denture
CMCP Camphorated Paramonochlorophenol
Comp Composite
Cont Continue
Cop Copalite of copal Varnish
Cr. Crown
C.S.N. Cancelled Short Notice
Cur Curettage
#-D or Dist Distal
DA Dental Assistant
Dent. or D Denture
DL Distal Lingual
DO Distal Occlusal
DOB Distal Occlusal Buccal
DOL Distal Occlusal Lingual
Dr. Doctor
Drn Drain
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