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DH 103 MitdtermTerms

Readiness willingness and ability to change
Willpower Quality learned and developed over time, strengthened by success, weakened by failure
Performance discrepancy gap between desired performance and actual performance; difference between our desires and our abilities
Skill deficiency lacks ability to perform skills to accomplish goal
Management dificiency lack of desire, "time management", just doesn't do it
Baseline counts measurement of the target behavior before change initiated
Realistic Goals related to baseline data, setting achievable, fact-based goals
Pinpointing when and where a behavior does or does not occur
Rates or base-rates number of times behavior occurs during a period of time; frequency and quantity
Event recording recording pinpointed behavior each time it occurs and the total as a rate
Time sampling counting only during a specifically determined time slot
Permanent products counting method counting permanent products of a behavior (e.g., counting candy wrappers or cigarette butts)
Baserate contract Written agreement for a behavior change
intermediate objectives measurable, achievable steps that occur along the way achieving the goal
Modeling demonstrating the new skill or behavior
Prompting or cueing telling how, written instructions, using gestures, guiding their hand
Antecedents events occuring just before the behavior; cues or signals that a particular type of consequence will follow a particular behavior (e.g. seeing a police care in your mirror)
Consequences events occurring just after the behavior
Reinforcers a material activity or social response
Tokens a reinforcer that can be exchanged for material or activity
Punishment a negative consequence--can result in side effects, pretty ineffective
Stimulus control technique to stop consummatory behavior, narrowing antecedent
Feedback reflecting how well someone is doeing toward their goal
Continuous reinforcement reinforcement that follows every instance of the behavior we wish to change
Extinction identifying the positive consequences or reinforcements that keep behvior going then stop or withholding these
Shaping recognition and reinforcement of successful approximation in achieving a goal
Fading Slowly withdrawing support
Created by: ClarkDH