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4.01 and 4.02 26 que

Which statement is true about regulating international promotional activities? A business must understand that the laws governing promotional activities vary by country.
Why are there specific guidelines for advertising to children? Children are impressionable, and the wrong kinds of advertising can affect their development.
How have technological advancements enhanced a small business's ability to promote its products? Information can be communicated by more venues, and messages can be customized.
What is new technology enabling businesses to create that is impacting the promotion function Individualized messages
Which advertising message reinforces the concept of materialism? You can increase your social status by purchasing this product.
What is an example of advertisement stereotyping ? A television commercial depicts a woman mopping the kitchen with a new floor cleaner
What is an example of publicity? Company news release
How do competing businesses within the same industry usually react to each other's promotional mixes? By playing follow the leader
What form of promotion is generally emphasized for complex, technical products sold to industrial users? Personal selling
In which stage of a product's life cycle do promotional activities focus on differences between competing products? Growth
What is an objective of institutional advertising? To demonstrate the organization's role in community affairs
What type of promotion is depicted by a business's one-time announcement of its half price sale in the local newspaper? Product promotion
How does promotion benefit customers? Helps them to select appropriate products
What is an example of an external factor that affects promotion? Government regulation of ads
What communication channels is a corporation's public-relations department most likely to use to maintain positive relationships with shareholders? Newsletters, annual reports, and the company's web site
What is a common communications channel used in public relations? Press releases
During one scene of a popular television show, an actor pours a box of brand-name cereal into a bowl and begins to eat it. What does this exemplify? Product placement
Ben recently purchased a cellular telephone. The manufacturer provided a form and a special code with the telephone's packaging. Ben completed the form, copied his sales receipt, and mailed these items back to the manufacturer along with the part of the Rebate
What is an example of a successful direct-response advertisement? A person orders an exercise machine by telephone after viewing an infomercial.
What is a common thread among all direct advertising strategies? They intend to motivate the consumer to take action.
A small retail chain that sells specialized products for sports enthusiasts is located in a resort area that receives most of its business during the summer. To increase year-round sales, management wants to use direct-mail advertising. What format shou Niche catalogs
Alexandria has been using Look-So-Good cosmetics for several years and would not consider changing brands. In fact, Alexandria likes the cosmetics so much that she has become an advocate for the cosmetic company. She tells everyone about the features an Organic marketing
What best describes the goal of amplified word-of-mouth? Providing information to activists to share with others.
What is a benefit to businesses of positive word-of-mouth communication? Increased sales
What is an example of out-of-home media? An electrical sign located in a high-traffic area
Why are promotional media such as newspapers and television referred to as mass media They reach a lot of people at the same time.
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