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Const. Industry 3

Construction Processes.

6 things that an Engineer should check when he inspects an Excavation. SSSSDIMFF. = stable. supported safe access and exit stop logs. dewatered if necessary Inspected daily before each shift May be a confined space (gas detection needed). fenced off properly (falls from height) formation need protection from weather
Traditional Procurement, who is the contract between. the contract is between the Employer and the designer and then the employer has a seperate contract with the contractor.
3 main insitu site investigations methods and which is used in rock Trial Pits shell and Auger Rotary Borehole Rotary Borehole is used in rock or very hard materials.
Disadvantages of using Sheet Piles. the driving is a noisy process. Sheet piles are more expensive than H piles. cost of Driving is high for the area covered.
Difference between Secant Piling and Contiguous Piling Secant Piling have interlocking piles. Secant Piling retains water much better.
Normal methods for excavating rocks. Powerful breaker mounted on excavator powerful excavator with rock bucket.
T o ensure safety of a construction worker, these two things must be carried out Work should be regulated Risk Assessment must be carried out by designers and contractors.
To ensure safety of a construction worker, name 2 works that must be carried out. Work should be regulated. Risk assessment must be carried out by designers and contractors.
Explain why loads have different factors of safety Because they allow for uncertainty in the design process. or Because they provide a design margin over the theoretical design capacity.
list 6 items to check when pouring a re- inforced concrete foundations. Lap lengths Sufficient Chairs. Spacer Blocks Tilings Kickers Starters.
Identify the main problems in the use of driven piles and list a solution How long to make them. (i.e. knowing what length to make them is a design issue) Solution would be to use segmental piles 2 to 5 metres in length.
Who designs where to put each of theses joints. Expansion Joints - Designer Contraction Joints - Designer Construction Joints - Contractor.
6 items the temporary works designer should consider when designing form-work for a wall pour Mix Design. Types of release agents. limitations on size of form-work type and position of Construction Joints. Deflection Limits for the formwork Type of finish required for all formed surfaces. Method of Sealing the form surfaces.
Long term staining or spalling of concrete is caused by Extreme weathering Conditions.
Why would you take Piezometer readings for at least 6 months? They are taken for 6 months to see if there are any changes in the groundwater levels, this is then used for designing de-watering methods of excavations.
2 methods of temporary lowering the ground water table. Sump Pumping Well Point System.
3 Construction Techniques that bentonite is used for: Excavating Slurry trenches. Diaphragm walls, Pressure grouting
4 Hazards a concrete gang could face, when using a skip to pour concrete into a reinforced concrete foundation. Spilling of concrete could create slippery surface Alkaline could come in contact with eyes or skin. Moving skip could hit workers.
4 Factors (non structural factors) that you would investigate before designing a road bridge over the river avon Environment, protected species archaeology & historic use Access routes to site Existing Services
Species protected under uk environmental legeslation Bats Badges Water-voles Reptieles Amphibians Nesting Brids Tree protection Hadgerows Noxious & Invasive Plants
Stages Of The Investment Process Identification of need Veriification of need Assessment of options Outline Design Detailed Design Tender & Award of construction Project Delivery OPtimisation
Examples Of Regulation Local Authority Environmental Regulation Health & Saftey Execitives Water & sewage Provider Heritage Bodies Nature conservation organisations
4 Main things that are essential to make a valid contract in UK law 1. Agreement - Offer and Acceptance 2. Consideration 3. Intention to create a legal Relationship 4. Legal capacity to make the contract
What Is a Standard Froem of contract such as NEC3 Engineering A Simple collection of Standard Terms Designed for particular type of design or construction
Four Advantages of a Standard Form of Contract. Parties know their risks. Parties understand obligations. It is available to everyone Employers and Employees have certainty.
What is Notifiable Project under C.D.M 2007? Notifiable projects are those which last longer than 30 days or involve more than 500 people in construction work.
Describe the role of the C.D.M CO-ordinator. To advise the client on Health and Safety issues during the Design and Planning phases of Construction work.
Describe the role of the Principal Contractor. To plan, manage and co-ordinate Health and Safety while construction work is being undertaken.
Give 4 reasons why an understanding of the ground water level is important to the designer and constructor of a project containing a basement structure. Ground water could make our structures float. Danger of drowning. It could cost money. Flood our excavations/trenches/pits.
On a Drawing of a tank, you specify the diameter to be 12000 metres, is this a term of the Contract? Yes it is because the designer will specify what he or she wants in detail.
Explain the Contractual Purpose of the "Drawing" Drawings are specifications for the contractor, so they visualize the finished project.
You are the Contractor's Project Manager on a new tower block project. What safety provisions would you make for workers Constructing the third floor to prevent "falls from height" Use Safety nets and warning hazard signs. Used fixed ladders. Install a passive device such as Scaffolding.
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