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Count of Monte Crapo

Studies for Mr Huber

"vague anxiety hovering over the crowd affected one man so much he couldn't wait until the ship entered the harbor..." M. Morrel
"He was possessed by the demon of hatred..." Danglars
"He was a tall, slender young man, no more than 20 years old, with dark eyes and hair as black as ebony." Edmond Dantes
"a woman with forbidding eyes, thin lips, and an aristocratic and elegant figure despite her fifty years" the Marquise
"a beautiful young girl, with jet-black hair and eyes as soft as those of a gazelle..." Mercedes
"my profession, and especially the times in which we live, require me to be severe." Villefort
"The purser was a man of twenty-five or twenty-six with a melancholy face, obsequious to his superiors and arrogant to his subordinates." Danglars
"He was a rather short man whose hair had turned white, more from suffering than from age." Abbe Faria
"the Usurper" Napoleon Bonaparte
"He's young, and he has no doubts about anything." Edmond Dantes
"More lips say that one thing while the heart thinks another." Caderousse
Dantes was liked by the crew while Monsieur Danglars was hated. True
According to Dantes, he and Danglars are comrades who never had arguments. False
After visiting his father and Mercedes, Dantes dined with Monsieur Morrel. False
Five months after Dantes father was separated from his son, the father died. True
Dantes unsucessfully attempted suicide by tying his hankerchief to a bar of his window. False
Dantes has been imprisoned more than five years True
"He was a firm, upright man who, when the time had come for his life's work, had decided on a military career." Maximilien
"'a man who had come back from the next world..' [claimed Franz d'Epinay]" the Count of Monte Cristo
"[He] was a young man of 23 or 24 who was in love with Monsieur Morrel's daughter and stayed on with the firm despite all his family's efforts to make him resign." Emmanuel
"a beautiful young girl of sixteen or seventeen, who [was Monsieur Morrel's daughter...]." Julie
"convinced of [and condemned for] complicity with the detestable bandit Luigi Vampa and the men of his band." Peppino
"a portrait of a young woman about 26 years old with a dark complexion, fiery eyes and languishing eyelids." Mercedes
"he was a man in his early 40s, but he appeared to be at least fifty, and his black mustache and eyebrows contrasted strangely with his almost white hair, which was cut short in the military manner." the Count of Morcerf
"...I'd...avenge myself by inflicting similar suffering." the Count of Monte Cristo
" old servant who had been in Monsieur Noirtier's service for more than 25 years." Barrios
"Sight and hearing were the only senses which, like two sparks, still animated that physical body already so close to the grave. He commanded with his eyes, he thanked with his eyes; and it was almost frightening to see them flashing with anger..." Noirtier
"His family...consists of only an uncle and an aunt;his mother died in giving birth to him and his father was assassinated in 1815." Franz
"a strange, sun-tanned bearded face with glittering eyes and an ironic smile which revealed 32 white, sharp teeth like those of a wolf or jackal." Caderousse
"...he's found something the most skillful gamblers have never been able to discover: a game in which you win without putting up any money and lose nothing when you lose." Debray
"You'll find him full of enthusiasm for French women; he has his heart set on finding a wife in Paris." Andrea
"She has a strange nervous excitation, and she's very restless in her sleep; she claims...she saw a phantom enter her room and was able to hear the sound it made when it moved her glass." Madam de Saint-Meran
"a friend of the [Saint-Meran] family and one of the ablest physicians in Paris. He was especially fond of Valentine, whom he had brought into the world." d'Avrigny
"She's Dead! Dead!" Count of Monte Cristo
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