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Colloquial Chapter 4

tengah middle
ingin wish
lapangan square
istana palace
sebelah side
lurus straight
kanan right
ke dalam inwards
dari dalam from inside
di tengah in the middle
ke tengah to the middle
dari tengah from the middle
muka front
ke muka to the front
di muka in the front
belakang back
di belakang at the back
di atas on top
ke atas upwards
kiri left
kanan right
luar outside
perjalanan journey
pertemuan meeting
dalam hal ini in this case
lucu funny
jatuh the fall
kucing cat
cinta love
biasa normal
anjing dog
setiap kali every time
berkelahi to fight
pada on; in; at
seorang laki laki a man
seorang perempuan a woman
penyanyi singer
seekor for animals (indefinite article)
sehelai for objects (in definite article)
sebuah for solid objects (indefinite article)
seekor tikus a mouse
seekor ikan a fish
sehelai kertas a piece of paper
sehelai baju a shirt
suatu (indefinite article for abstract nouns)
suatu kebaikan a kindness
suatu kumpulan an association
suatu kejahatan a crime
suatu cerita a story
kira-kira about
kadang-kadang sometimes
boleh may
nya its
mulai to begin
istimewa special
bangun to get up
diam to be quiet
gagal to fail
habis to end/ to finish
hidup to live
hinggap to perch
ikut (dengan) to join (in)
kawin to marry
keluar to go out
kembali to return
kenal to know personally
lahir to be born
laku to sell well
lepas to escape
lewat to pass
lulus to pass
maju to advance
mandi to shower
marah to be angry
masuk to enter
mundur to retreat
pindah to move
roboh to collapse
selesai to be finished
sembuh to recover
singgah to stop by
surut to die down
takluk to surrender
tamat to graduate
terbang to fly
terbit to rise
terjun to plunge
tiba to arrive
timbul to emerge
tumbuh to grow
tunduk to bow
turun to go down
acara programme
khusus special
kalau beitu in that case
menteri minister/secretary
rapat meeting
mungkin maybe
perindusrtian industry
yang lalu the ones that past( for past tense)
yang akan the one that will come to be
tadi something that just passed (past tense)
nanti something that is about to happen (future Tense)
sekarang now
gedung building
bioskop cinema
senin monday
pinggir the edge
akhir the end
soal problem
hati heart
sedang in the process
monyet monkey
cantik beautiful
anggur wine
tangan hand
kantong pocket
nyamuk mosquito
terlalu too
persis precisely
cat paint
ujian exams
hijah green
mudah easy
susun storey
kira to think
sibuk busy
pusat centre
cukup enough
sarapan breakfast
umum public
obat medicine
kurang less
akhir-akhir ini recently
swasta privately
tugas task
cape tired
goyang rocking
sambil whilst
hilang disappear
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