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Personal Finance 7th

Personal Finance terms used in 7th grade Georgia schools

bills or costs we pay every month based upon our level of use or need variable expenses
something spent, or required to be spent expenses
a list of all of your expenses and income budget
Bills such as house payments that expenses that are necessary, not a choice fixed expenses
Money that is owed and it accumulates when expenses are higher than the income savings
Expenses for non-essential items that we could live without, a choice discretionary expenses
things you do and sometimes the positive influences in your life to help reach your goals assets
Money earned income
obstacles that discourage you or hold you back from meeting your goals liabilites
occurs when the money that you have is greater than the expenses for an individual debt
to take money out of an account withdraw
to put money into an account deposit
when a deposit is made it shows up as this on your statement credit (in an account)
when a withdrawal is made it shows up as this on your statement debit
a monthly payment to pay back money borrowed on your house loan mortgage
payments for protection of a person/family against theft, harm, illness, death, fire, etc insurance
itemized list of a customer’s account information statement
a charge for borrowing money or this can be a percentage earned from an account interest
buying something to be paid for later credit
court proceeding for a person who is unable to pay debts to settle with those owed money bankruptcy
an agreement between a lender and a borrower for a specific amount loan
bank account that allows money to be easily deposited and withdrawn checking account
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