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5.02Personal Finance

Consumer Information

Statement of Identity The name of a food
Net Weight The actual weight or volume of the food, excluding the weight of the container
Manufacturer The company that makes the food product
Packer The company that puts the food product into the packages for retail selling
Distributor The company that transfers the food product from the manufacturer to the seller
national brand The well Known nationally advertised trade name of product
Store Brand A store name used as the trade name of a product; only sold in one chain of stores
Generic brand A product that does not have a brand Name
Shelf Tag A label attached to the front edge of of a store shelf containing price information
UPC Universal Product Code; labeling containing price info read by scanning
Unit price The cost per unit of measure of a product
open Date Labeling to show dates foods should be used for best quality
Sell by Last date a food product should be used
Freshness Date Last date you can expect highest quality of a food product
expiration date Last date a product should be used
Pack Date Date a product was processed or packaged
Fiber name The name of a thread used to make fabric for apparel or other textile product
Content by weight The percentage of total fiber in a textile product represented by one single fiber
Country of origin The nation in which the apparel product was made
Care information Recommended ways to launder, dry,iron, dry clean
Sewn-in Label A fabric that has been permanently attached to a product
Hang tag A paper tag that has been temporarily attached to products
Finish A treatment that alters the performance of the fabric
stain-resistant a finish that makes fabrics less likely to absorb and retain stains
permanent press A finish that makes fabrics less likely to wrinkle and retain wrinkles
fire-retardent A finish that slows the spread the flames by burning slowly
personal hygiene drug a product that claims to affect the structure of the function of the body
personal Hygiene cosmetics a product that does not claim to affect the structure of functions of the body
Active ingredients elements in a products that make the product effective
other ingredients Additional ingredients other than those that make the product effective
tamper resistant packaged to make it clear whether the product has been opened since packaged
Jurisdiction Authority, a right to
Reliability demonstrated or proven effectiveness
dermatologist tested Tried by a doctor specialized in skin health
Hypoallergenic less likely to cause an allergic
fragrance free contains none or small amounts of fragrance ingredients
Natural Comes from a plant or animal source
Noncomedogenic will not clog the pores
vitamin enriche vitamins have been added to the product
prescription drug medicine available only by written order from a doctor
over the counter drug medicine available without a written order from a doctor
Pharmacist A person licensed to sell prescription drugs with written order from a doctor
expiration date Date after which a medicinal drug is no longer safe and effective to use
renewable A prescription that allows a consumer to purchase refills
Dosage Amount and frequency of a medicinal drug that may be taken safely
Side effect Other physical conditions usually unwanted that results from taking a medicinal drug
Interaction with other medicines Side effects hat result from having two or more medicinal drugs in the body at one time
Habit forming Likely lead to addiction
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