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2.02personal finance

Protecting Your Financial Security

Failure to plan Not making shopping lists,spending plans,doing comparison shopping,etc.
failure to protect Not securing personal information and property
failure to be informed Not reading labels,fine print,contracts,sales offers, etc.
failure to communicate Not asking questions, discussing purchases, saying "no" when needed
scam/scheme A plot designed to trick someone;a deception
illegal Against the law
lie/lying To tell an untruth/the habit or practice of telling untruths
concealing information Hiding information; hiding the truth
pyramid A scam that usually involves a "get rich quick" chain letter spending money to others in order to, supposedly, receive money in the mail yourself
chain letter A letter asking one to send several letters with money to other to supposedly, receive money in the mail yourself
high-pressure sales apporach Using extreme tactics to persuade a consumer to buy
vague offers Offers that withhold certain details, expecting one to pay up front to get them
sweepstakes letter States that one has won a valuable prize, but must pay a fee to claim it
lottery Prizes awarded by chance after purchase of a ticket;very small chance of winning
earn-money-at-home offers offers that hinge on a consumer first purchasing something
condition A stipulation or prerequisite
winning bid at auctions A scam artist my notify you that you have the winning bid, ask for money, but never ship the item purchased
identity theft Stealing one's personal information to commit theft or fraud
media Means of communicating--e.g.,word of mouth, telephone,texting,emails,etc.
federal trade commission FTC;a government agency to assist consumers who've been victims of fraud
national consumers league Has a website where incidents of consumer fraud may be reported
better business bureau A local consumer protection agency
state attorney general This state office assists consumers who have been victimized by fraud
Created by: Joynermo1
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