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Know many of the cues or motivations which lead people to search for God. • Experience of something unconditional • Strive for more
Faith and Belief: What is faith? What is belief? • Faith – (n.) state of trusting in God. Faith is our response to God’s self-revelation. Faith also is a supernatural gift from God. • Belief – (v.) the act of trusting in God and God’s revelation
What is a canon? Name the three conditions for a book of the Bible to enter the canon. • Canon – “to measure out” • Requirements o Orthodox – theologically correct o Apostolic origin – Apostle directly wrote it or by a church founded by an apostle o Wide use – used across the church not in certain places
What does it mean to read the Bible canonically? • Reading individual passages in the Bible in light of the whole; provides canonical inerrancy
How is Scripture inerrant? How is it not inerrant? Be able to identify material, limited, and canonical inerrancy. • Limited – Bible is free of theological inerrancy • Material – Fundamentalist view; even mistakes were placed by God • Canonical – Read passages in light of the whole.
How is Scripture inspired? Identify and describe the wrong ways of understanding inspiration, and the right way, according to Catholic theology • Bible was written by inspired, illuminated minds; NOT dictation from Holy Spirit or hypnosis/ecstasy.
What is Tradition? • Those things that get handed down from generation to generation
What is kairos? What is chronos? • Kairos – “God’s time” • Chronos – “our time”
Mark’s Gospel offers an encapsulation of Jesus’ message. What is it? • Mark 1:14-15 • “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.”
What is soteriology? • Soteriology – “how God saves”
What is a skandalon? Why is Jesus a skandalon? • Skandalon – “stumbling block”/ “scandal” • Jesus is a scandal because he claims to be God
How is the Christian Incarnation different from Jewish or pagan ideas of the relationship between humanity and divinity? • Jews believe that creator cannot become one with creation. This would be blasphemy for Jews. Foolishness to Greeks/pagans because why would gods surrender immortal state to `become mortal.
What is the religious motive for crucifying Jesus? • Jesus Christ committed blasphemy by claiming that he was God.
What political motive was used for crucifying Jesus? • The Romans do not like disorder in their empire and Jesus caused some chaos/disorder
Define atonement. Be able to explain the model of atonement by solidarity. • Ways to explain how Jesus Christ brought about salvation through his death and resurrection • God being in direct contact with every part of human life other than sin shows that he accepts us. • The last word is life with God and life with each other.
Why is Mary a model of discipleship? • Mary is a model of discipleship because she was always with Jesus and does not abandon Him
Know what Theotokos and Mary’s fiat mean. • Mary’s fiat – Mary saying yes to God • Theotokos – o Mary’s Title: “Mother of God”
Know the following terms: gnosis, sarx, soma, orthodoxy, heresy. • Gnosis – “knowledge” • Sarx – “flesh” • Soma – “human body” • Orthodoxy – o orthos – “straight/correct” o doxy – “teaching” • Heresy – o Airesis – “to go one’s own way”
Know what Ruach means. • Ruach – “Breath/wind”
Know the identity and mission of the Holy Spirit. • Holy Spirit is God’s continuing presence in the Church and the world.
Know what justification and sanctification are. • Justification – how God makes us righteous • Sanctification – how God makes us holy
When does God bring in the Kingdom fully at the end of time, according to the Church? • The end time when God comes to fulfill all; world as we know it ends • We do not know when this will happen; because we do not know when this will happen we just need to be ready/prepared.
kerygma original, oral gospel preached by the apostles
metanoia "to turn"
recapitulation Jesus is the "new adam" who gains atonement for our sins
logos "word"
naturalism everything in the world can be broken down into matter and energy
hume we can only know what we know through the five senses
freud religion is a human creation
freurbach religion is wish fulfillment
marx religion is used by elite to suppress the poor
nietzsche religion is used to suppress natural born leaders
resurrection is... jesus rose mind, body, soul
resurrection is not vision, ghost, enlightenment, a legend, a myth, resurrection of faith, assumption into heaven, reincarnation, resuscitation/revival
substitionary atonement sin divide from god, god is just being who gives consequences in this case death, also is a god of mercy, god substitutes for us and can take the penalty of death, saved and pulled through death to new life
arianism Jesus/Holy Spirit inferior to father
docetism Jesus' humanity was an apparition
nestorianism Jesus has split nature united by Jesus' will
eutychianism Jesus' humanity was absorbed by his divinity
adoptionism Jesus is born and adopted by God into divinity
marcionism evil old testament god replaced by good new testament god
donatism clergy must be faultless for effective ministry
monatism jesus is coming very soon so drop everything and head to desert
gnosticism salvation is through knowledge alone
pelagianism we can save ourselves wholly through our own efforts without God's grace
ousia divine essence in general sense (shared by all 3)
hypostasis divine essence in a specific sense
homoousious of same essense
homoiousious of like essence
prospon three isolated individuals
medicinal model of justification god is doctor; forgives and heals of sin
forensic/judicial model of justification God stands over us to judge us and should penalize us but instead we are forgiven and we choose whether or not to accept this forgiveness
deacon's sacraments baptism, marriage, communion, anointing
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