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The professional Dental Assistant

Professional organization that represents the profession of dental assisting on a national level American dental Assistant Association
The nationally recognized credential of the dental assistant who has passed the DANB certification examination and keeps current practice through continuing education Certified Dental Assistant
The health insurance portability and accountability Act of 1996 specifies federal regulations that ensure privacy regarding a patients healthcare information HIPPA
Person who meets the standards of a profession Professional
American Dental Assistants Association ADAA
Certified Dental Assistant CDA
Dental Assisting National Board DANB
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA
A career in Dental Assisting requires dedication, personal responsibility, integrity, and commitment to continuing education
Is an attitude that is apparent in everything you do and say, in and out of the dental office Professionalism
The essential aspects of the professional appearance include good health, good grooming, appropriate dress
The letters of the word TEAM mean Together everyone accomplishes more
How do dental assistant demonstrate work responsiblity arriving on time, staying for the full shift, being a cooperative team member, not asking to leave early.
What are some personal qualities a dental assistant must show when with a patient Demonstrate sensitivity to the patients needs, show empathy, say the right thing at the right time, be sincere.
What particular skill should you learn in order to develop a sensitivity to the opinions and concerns of others. Good Listener
The ADAA was formed in 1924 b who Juliette A. Southard
What was the vision that Juliette A Southard had for ADAA? An educated efficent dental assistant who her own place in the profession of dentistry.
When you become a member of the ADAA what benefits do you get? Opportunity to attend local , state, national meetings. Participate in workshops and earn continued education credits. Listen to prominent speakers, and establish friendships with other dental assitants. Also subscription to The Dental Assitant
What are the many roles of dental Assistants Chairside, Expanded Function, Administrative.
How do you become a certified dental assistant must take and pass a national written examination by DANB.
What are the categories that the DANB examination cover Radiology, infection control, general chairside.
What does CDPMA stand for Certified Dental practice management administrator
What does COA stand for Certified Orthodontic Assistant
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