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the following motions usually require a two-thirds vote: previous question, suspend the rules, limit or extend limits of debate.
If a motion to close debate in twenty minutes is adopted, it is not in order to: move to refer the matter to a committee
If a motion to limit speeches on a particular question to two minutes per speaker is adopted, such action: does not casue another such conflicting motion to be out of order.
If a main motion is laid on the table: all adhering questions go with it.
The previous question: does not prevent the making of privileged or incidental motions as applicable.
The previous question is not allowed in: committees
When a main motion and the previous question are pending, which of the following motions is in order? recess for thirty minutes
When a resolution having a preamble is pending, if the previous question is ordered on the resolution before consideration of the preamble has been reached, the order: does not apply to debate and amendment of the preamble, to which the assembly proceeds immediately.
If a series of questions on which the previous question has been ordered ceases to be the pending buisness before all of the motions affected by the order have been voted on, execution of the order is said to be: interrupted
When a motion is laid on the table: consideration can be resumed at the will of a majority.
A rule relating to parliamentary procedures requires: a two-thirds vote for its suspension.
If in order at the time, the motion to call for the orders of the day: can interrupt when another has been assigned the floor
The action required to refuse to proceed to the orders of the day when initiated by the chair, is a: two-thirds vote in the negative.
Although it is preferabe to divide a question when it is fisrt introduced, a motion to divide can be made at any time: all of the above are correct
A call for the orders of the day cannot be made in: a committee of the whole
The assembly's refusal to proceed to the orders of the day is similar to: suspending the rules
When the orders of the day are called for by a member: the orders can be set aside by a two-thirds vote in the negative
The admissibility of a request or motion arising out of a question of privilege: is ruled upon by the chair.
A motion that is pending after having been admitted as a question of privilege is: treated as a main motion
Fix the time to which to adjorn: does not affect when the present meeting will adjorn.
The motion to fix the time to which to adjorn is: the highest ranking privileged motion.
The privileged motion to recess: requires that a recess begin immediately
The motion to recess, when no question is pending: sets the time for the recess.
After an adgenda ot program has been adopted it may be changed by: a vote of a majority of the entire membership.
The unqualified motion to adjorn is: a privileged motion.
A motion to adjorn at a future time is: a main motion
Except as the assembly may have adopted rules providing otherwise, the effect of an adjornment on a pending motion or an incompleted order of business when the adjornment closes a sessio nin a body that does not have regular sessions as often as... buisness that is unfinished at the time of adjournment falls to the ground.
If the bylaws of an organization provide for the calling of a special convention after the regular canvention session has been held: this assembly should meet as a distinct session with a body of delegates and alternates which must e chosen anew under provisions established in the bylaws.
Which motion can be renewed after progress is buisness? adjorn
When a motion to strike out certain words is made: all of the above are correct.
A point of order: is debateble when reffered to the assembly by the chair.
Under certain circumstances, which of the following motions may become debatable? point of order
The statement that "a point of order is handled much as an appeal when submitted to the assembly for a decision" means that: the rules governing its debatability are the same as for an appeal.
Objection to the consideration of the question must be raised: before the debate has begun on the main motion or any subsidiary motion be stated by the chair.
A motion that the assembly refrain from doing something is out of order if the: motion is equivalent to adopting no motion at all.
The minumum affirmative vote necessary to sustain the desision of the chair when an appeak has been made is: a tie vote
The chair has ruled that an amendment is not germane and a member has appealed from the decision of the chair. The chair should then state the questions on the appeal by saying: "As many as are in favot of sustaining the chair's decision, say 'aye'..."
A motion cannot be divided unless: each part presents a proper question for the assembly to act upon if none of the other parts is adopted.
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