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Colloquial Chapter 3

setahun year
minggu week
hari minggu sunday
kalau if
bulan month
memang indeed
ingat to remember
tak no; not (short for tidak)
ulang tahun birthday
memberi to give
hadiah present
berapa how much; how many
aku I
ku my
bukumu your book
mu your
kau you
rebewis driving license
keluarga family
pacar boyfriend; girlfriend
punya to have
uang money
air water
tas bag
di bawah under
ruang space
tamu guest
kamar belajar study room
laci drawer
celana trousers
baju shirt
tempat tidur bed
kok why
payah terrible
sepatu shoes
pertama first
kedua second
ketiga third
pengalaman experience
harap hope
uang kecil change
belum not yet
berani brave
masalah problem
istana palace
sebagai as
pekerjaan job
sambilan part-time
hanya only
saudara brother; sister
tua old
sepeda bicycle
penduduk population
pinjam borrow
negeri country
anak laki laki son
umur age
pesta party
lama long
nomor number
kali time
tahun year
pasar market
mangga mango
toko buku book store
dearah area
sus milk
mahal expensive
keras hard
di on; it; at
garasi garage
hitam black
sukar difficult
bibi aunt
sekali very
paman uncle
tinggal to live
murah cheap
kacamata spectacles
sabun mandi soap
kentang potatoes
pasta gigi tooth paste
prangko stamp
minuman a drink
gadis girl
sikat brush
tambah to add
berbelanja to shop
jadi so
semuanya all
minta give me
agak rather
keras hard
kembali change
gedung building
tingkat floor; level
kira-kira about
sebuah a; and (for objects)
halaman yard
luas large
warung food stall
bunga flower
tengah middle
air mancur water fountain
tutup to close
sepi quiet
kiri left
beberapa several
rapi neat
apokat avocado
bakmi noodles
soto soup
kelapa muda young coconut
es ice
air jeruk orange juice
bersih clean
pulang to go home
lagi again
Created by: koolaidoh