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wk2 9-18 pg 28-32


micro pages 28-32 (blank)
q. What is the minimum distance that can exist between two points such that the points are observed as separate entities known as? a. Resolving Power or resolution.
q. What is the maximum sesolving power of the best compound Microscope(light microscope) which is sufficient to see most bacterial structures but too low to see viruses? a. 0.02 um
q. What is the maximum magnification of a compound microscope? a. 1000X
q. What type of microscope is used to view living organisms and internal organs can be easily seen with? a. Phase Contrast Microscope.
q.What kind of microscope appears as three diminsional images. a. Interference microscope.
q. What highlights specimens against a dark background and can detect Treponema pallidum( causative agent of syphilis)? a. Dark field microscope
q. What kind is used to examine materials that emit light when light of a different wavelength strikes them? a. Flourescence Microscopy
q. What kind of microscope provides three dimensional pictures of thick structures such as a community of microorganisms and provides detailed sectional views of the interior of an intact cell? a. Confocal scanning laser microscope.
q. What uses a beam of electrons guided by strong magnets, has resolving power of 0.3nm, generally magnifys objects 10,000x-100,000x? a. Electron Microscope
q. what has the highest resolving power? a. Transmission electron microscope.1,000,000x +
q.What kinds of images do Scanning electron microscopes create? a. 3D surface structures but no internal structures.
q. What are the four steps to the Gram Stain? a. 1. Primary stain 2. Mordent 3. Decolorizer 4. Counter or secondary stain.
q. What kind of stains are Gram stains and Acid fast stains? a. Differential stains.
q. Acid fast stains are used to stain members of genus Mycobacterium due to a high lipid concentration of mycolic acid in cell wall, what are the four steps? a. 1. steamer 2. primary dye 3. decolorizer 4. counter stain(Methylene blue).
Created by: tim sopp