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Unit 21

Medical Assistant Skills (Updated)

Height and weight measurements are used to determine whether a patient is overweight or underweight.
What should be removed before a patient is weighed. Shoes
The height, weight, and head circumference measurements of infants and toddlers are monitored frequently because: growth is rapid.
It is essential to make sure that the patient is not exposed during any examination or procedure.
A common test for defects in color vision or color blindness is the Ishihara method.
A Papanicolaou test is done to detect cancer of the cervix or reproductive organs.
During a physical examination, a physician uses a stethoscope to auscultate sounds coming from within a patient’s body.
Thorough explanations of all procedures can help alleviate some fears for a patient during a physical examination.
Warm a vaginal speculum before it is used by placing it in warm water or rubbing it with a clean towel.
After a Pap smear has been placed on the slide, fixative is applied to the slide to make the cells adhere to the slide.
Swaged needles have the suture material attached to the needle as one unit.
If antiseptic solution splashes on a sterile field, the field is contaminated and should not be used.
If an ECG machine is standardized, one millivolt of electrical input should cause the stylus to move 10 small squares or 2 large squares on the paper.
The normal sensitivity for recording an ECG is position one.
Muscle movement or nervous tension can cause electrical interference that will be recorded on an ECG.
Codes for the ECG leads RA for right arm, LA for left arm, RL for right leg, LL for left leg, and C or V for chest.chest.
A medication that is mixed with a substance such as cocoa butter that melts at body temperature is called a suppository
A transdermal patch is an example of a topical or local medication.
A medication given under the tongue is called sublingual
Metric measurements are easy to convert from unit to unit because the units represent multiples of ten.
Patients with cancer or patients on chemotherapy are weighed frequently to monitor weight loss.
What type of scalpels with protective retractable blades are used to prevent sharps injuries. Disposable scalpels
What precautions must be followed at all times while assisting with physical examinations, minor surgery, and/or suture removal. standard precautions
The equivalent weight in pounds for 60 kilograms is 132 pounds
How many centimeters are in 56 inches? 140 centimeters
The position used to facilitate breathing and examine the chest is Fowler’s
The position used for simple rectal examinations, enemas, and rectal temperatures is Sims’
The position used for examination or treatment of the back or spine is prone
The position used for circulatory shock is Trendelenburg
An intravenous injection is injected into a vein
Transdermal patches are applied to the skin to provide a continuous dosage of medication
A large flat disc that is dissolved in the mouth is called a troche
What can be caused by a con congenital defect, infections during pregnancy, and/or drug or alcohol abuse during pregnancy Microencephaly
1 kilogram is equal to how many pounds 2.2 pounds
One inch equals how many centimeters 2.5 centimeters
Chest circumference may be measure to determine the progress of diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD)
The main position used for a sigmoidoscopic examination is the knee-chest position
While testing visual acuity with a Snellen chart watch patients closely to make sure they are not squinting
A patient does not have to wear the exact same clothing when you are performing a daily weight
While testing vision with a Snellen chart, 20/20 vision means that the patient can see characters 20 millimeters high while standing 20 feet from the chart
What is the abbreviation for both eyes OU
What abbreviation means the right eye OD
what abbreviation means the left eye OS
A technique used during a physical examination in which a physician taps and listens for sounds coming from various body organs is percussion
A lighted instruments used to examine the inside of the lower part of the large intestine is a sigmoidoscope
Instruments used to compress blood vessels to stop bleeding are called hemostats
The electrocardiogram records the pattern of electrical curent in the heart
The final branches of the electrical pathway in the heart are the Purkinje fibers
The leads on an ECG recorded from the limb electrodes are the limb leads and augmented voltage leads
The following ECG marking code is the code for lead 3 . . .
The section of the Physicians' Desk Reference that provides a quick reference section for drugs available for various conditions is the product classification or category index
A medication that has been dissolved in alcohol is a/anq tincture
The abbreviation for subcutaneous is subQ
Convert a height of 68 inches to feet and inches 5'8"
Convert 75 kilograms to pounds 2.2 kg X 75 kg =165
What is the correct angle of head elevation for High- Fowler's position 90 °
What is the correct angle of head elevation for Semi- Fowler's position 45°
What is the correct angle of head elevation for Low- Fowler's position 25°
What is the name of the instrument used to examine the ears otoscope
Why is it important for patients to void before a physical examination is done full bladder interferes with palpation of internal organs
Five types of information that must be included on the label of any specimen sent to the laboratory name, ID number, date, time, type of specimen, physicians name, examination required
The six safety "rights" that must be observed every time a medication is given right medication, right dose, right patient, right time, right method of administration, right documentation
Name six safety rules to be observed when giving medication read the order carefully, check patients allergies, check the label 3 times, prepare and administers with a physicians order, know the drug actions, check expiration date, only use meds you prepare, do not return meds to a bottle
Describe the standard precautions required during a minor surgical procedure frequent hand washing, gloves, gown, mask & eye protection, clean & sterlize instruments, disinfect contaminated areas, place contaminated disposable supplies in infectious wast bag, put sharps in sharps container, follow infection control
How many inches are in 85 centimeters 34 ( 1 inch = 2.5 cm) 85 ÷ 2.5 = 34
Test that might be done prior to a physical examination height & weight, vital signs, vision screening, audiometric screening, blood tests, urine tests, electrocardiogram, gynecological examination
Most scales measure pounds in 1/4-pound increments
An undershirt or pajama is sometimes left on the infant while the infant is being weighed (do not leave the diaper on)
What growth chart allows physicians to check the child's growth and compare it to the average percentiles of other children and toddlers National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) growth chart
To measure the head circumference of an infant, hold the zero mark of the tape measure on the infant's forehead and bring the tape around the infant's head above the ears, and back to the forehead
A below-normal value for head circumference in an infant can be an indication of microencephaly, or a small brain
Height measurements are performed more frequently in older adults to check for osteoporosis
What position is used for surgery on pelvic organs and for pelvic treatments. trendelenburg
When a patient is lying flat on their back with legs slightly apart they are in what position horizontal
A patient who has 20/40 vision can see characters ____ millimeters high while standing 40 feet from the Snellen chart 40 millimeters
Snellen charts test only for _______vision or myopia distant
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