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Pediatric Development 1-12mos

Avg birth weight 6-9lbs
Birth weight ________ by 5-6 months Doubles
Birth weight ________ by one year Triples
Avg birth length 18-22 inches
Birth length increases by ___% by the end of 1st year 50
Birth length _______ by age 4 Doubles
Birth length triples by age ___ 13
Newborn respirations 30-60
Toddler respirations (1-3) 20-30
School age respirations High end of adult norm- 18-22
Birth pulse 140
Newborn pulse 130
Toddler pulse 105-110
School age pulse High end of adult norm- 95-100
B/P at 1 month 86/54
Toddler B/P 95/65
School age B/P Low end of adult norm- 100/60
3 primitive reflexes Moro, tonic neck, rooting
Moro (startle) reflex Disappears after 3-4 mos
Tonic neck reflex Disappears at 3-4 mos
Rooting reflex Should disappear at 3-4 mos, could persist for 12 mos
Babinski reflex Disappears after 12 mos
Anterior fontanels are ________ shaped and should close at __-__ mos Diamond, 12-18
Posterior fontanels are ________ shaped and should close at __-__ mos Triangular, 2-3
1 month milestones Primitive reflexes strong, assumes flexed position, visual acuity 20/100, cries to express displeasure.
2 month milestones Posterior fontanel may be closed, assumes less flexed position, beginning to lift head, vocalizes-distinct from cry, demonstrates social smile
3 month milestones Posterior fontanel closed, primitive reflexes fading, able to lift head 45-90 degrees, bears wt. on forearms, holds rattle-will not reach for it, locates sound by turning head, follows objects w/ eyes to periphery, coos, babbles
4 month milestones Primary reflexes disappeared, balances head well in sitting position, rolls from back to side, discovers hands, laughs aloud
5 month milestones Birth wt. doubles, holds head erect when sitting, turns from stomach to back, grasps objects voluntarily
6 month milestones Teething may begin, chewing and biting occurs, sits straight in high chair, holds bottle, can utter one syllable (ma, da)
7 month milestones Sits/leans forward on hands, transfers objects from hand to hand, can fixate on very small objects visually, increasing fear of strangers
8 month milestones Beginning to show regular patterns of bowel and bladder elimination, sits unsupported
9 month milestones Creeps on hands and knees, pulls self to standing position, sits alone for long periods
10 month milestones Stands by holding on, sits by falling, says "Mamma and Dadda" w/ meaning
11 month milestones Walks around holding onto furniture (cruises), neat pincher grasp
12 month milestones Birth wt triples, birth length increased by 50%, walks w/ one hand held, may stand alone or take first steps, has a 3-5 word vocabulary, searches for hidden objects
Toddler growth/development Gains approx. 5lbs/yr, ht. increases to approx 3 in./yr, anterior fontanel closes by 15-18 mos
Gross motor development at 15 mos Walks alone-wide base gait, creeps upstairs, can throw objects
Fine motor development at 15 mos Builds tower of 2 blocks, uses spoon, turns pages of books
Gross motor development at 18 mos Walks alone, climbs up and down stairs, begins to run, plays with pull toys
Fine motor development at 18 mos Builds tower of 3 blocks, scribbles randomly, drinks from cup
Gross motor development at 24 mos Walks steadily, jumps crudely, undresses self, beginning bowel and bladder control
Fine motor development at 24 mos Drinks from cup held in one hand, uses spoon w/out spilling, builds tower of 4 blocks
Toys for birth-6mos Nursery mobiles, music boxes, rattle, stuffed animals, furry quilt, infant swing
Toys for 6-12mos Colored blocks, books, large puzzles, big string beads, sponge toys, teething toys, activity box for crib, push/pull toys
Created by: fulk_90