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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Ch. 40-Musculo. Dis. Nurs213 Test 2, Ch. 40 Musculoskeletal Disorders Nursing 2013-04-05 fulk_90 1 0 edit
Schizophrenia Characteristics of schizophrenia and nursing management for persons w/ schizo Nursing 2012-02-28 fulk_90 15 0 edit
Defense Mechanisms Mental Health Nursing 2014-01-19 fulk_90 46 1 edit
Erikson's Theory Mental Health Nursing 2014-09-09 fulk_90 8 1 edit
Anxiety Disorders Characteristics of various anxiety disorders and nursing interventions Nursing 2012-03-01 fulk_90 16 0 edit
Drug Tx for Anxiety Mental health- Drugs used to treat anxiety Nursing 2013-04-01 fulk_90 20 1 edit
Antidepressants Drug Tx for Depression- Mental Health Nursing 2012-11-20 fulk_90 36 1 edit
Pediatric Psychiatric Disorders Nursing 2012-03-01 fulk_90 35 0 edit
Antipsychotics Typical and Atypical drugs used to treat psychosis Nursing 2012-03-01 fulk_90 20 0 edit
IV Fluids/Elyte IV fluids and electrolytes Nursing 2014-03-02 fulk_90 31 1 edit
Elytes Elytes Nursing 2012-03-27 fulk_90 17 0 edit
Immunization Sched Immunization Sched Nursing 2012-04-10 fulk_90 9 0 edit
Comm. Diseases Communicable Diseases Nursing 2012-04-12 fulk_90 57 0 edit
Peds Pediatric Development 1-12mos Nursing 2015-08-24 fulk_90 45 1 edit
MedSurg-Test3 Assessment-Cardio,Resp,GI,&Neuro Nursing 2012-04-23 fulk_90 12 0 edit
Renal Disorder/Burns Renal Disorder/Burns Nursing 2012-09-04 fulk_90 20 0 edit

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