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anghyfreithlon illegal
arogli to sniff/to inhale
blinder tiredness
camddefnydd to abuse
camddefnyddio cyffuriau to misuse/abuse drugs
cyfnerthydd stimulant
cyfraith law
cyfreithlon legal
chwistrellu to inject
dibyniaeth dependency
dibyniaeth ar gyffuriau dependence on drugs/drug dependency
dibyniaeth gofforol physical dependence
dibyniaeth seicolegol social dependency
dos dose
ffroeni to snort
goddef to tolerate/tolerance
gorddibyniaeth addiction
gorddos overdose
hwyliau oriog mood swings
iselder depression
marwolaeth death
meddiant possession
niwed damage
niweidio to damage
pryder anxiety
rhith/rhithiau hallucination/s
rhith-weld to hallucinate
sgil-effeithiau side-effects
symptomau diddyfnu withdrawl symptoms
ymosodedd aggression
ymosodol aggressive
caniatau to allow
canolbwyntio to concentrate
cwyno to complain
cyflenwad supply
cyflenwi to deal
cyfreithloni to legalise
cyngor council
cycylltiad connection
dail leaves
dan bwysau under stress
gostwng to reduce
hadau seeds
lleihau to reduce
llosgi to burn
llwnc throat
mwg smoke
niweidio to harm
planhigyn plant
torri'r gyfraith to break the law
troseddu crime
yn erbyn against
peryglus dangerous
rheolaeth rule/management/control
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