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Teach Yourself Welsh

Vocab from Teach Yourself Welsh 2009

prynhawn da good afternoon
iawn very
nerfus nervous
dysgwr (m) learner
cymraeg Welsh
cwrs (m) course
tiwtor (m) tutor
noswaith dda good evening
a And
dyma This is, here is
o From
ble where?
dod to come
Americanes American woman
ond But
Cymry Wales
Cymro Welshman
hefyd as well, too
byw to live
yn in
Llundain London
nawr now
dyna that is
dosbarth class
cyntaf first
drosodd over, finished
dych chi? are you?
hapus happy
ydw I am
gwaith (m) work
caled hard
ydy he/she/it is
amser (m) time
eisiau to want
te (m) tea
os gwelwch yn dda please (formal)
os gweli di'n dda please. (Informal)
llaeth (m) milk
dim no
siwgr (m) sugar
ydy? is?
am for
paned (m) cuppa
nac ydy he's not
Created by: Menglaoshi