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yfed to drink
diod a drink
alcohol alcohol
ffordd o ymlacio way of relaxing
mewn cymedroldeb in moderation
haws easier
effeithiol effective
gor-ddefnydd over-use
anafu to injure
hyder confidence
ymladd to fight
wedi meddwi to get drunk
ymddygiad gwrth gymdeithasol antisocial behaviour
gwylltio to get angry
holl all of
cysylltiedig connected/related
effeithio to affect
canolbwyntio to concentrate
pethau gwell better things
gwario to spend(money)
anghyfreithlon illegal
mewn trwbl in trouble
gall arwain at can lead to
trais violence
emosiynau emotions
emosiynol emotional
chwyddo exaggerate/amplify
cystal as good
cweryla to quarrel
problemau teuluol family problems
debygol likely
ddelio to deal
lle cyhoeddus public place
marw dead
hyderus confident
unded/unedau unit/s
caethiwus addictive
dan oed under age
gyrru to drive
iau liver
clefyd disease
mae'n rhoi mwy o hyder i fi it gives me more confidence
mae'n gwneud i fi edrych yn hyn it makes me look older
niwed damage/impairment
ymenydd brain
caethiwed addiction
stroc stroke
golwg aneglur blurred vision
llafaredd aneglur slurred speech
gwddf yn gwaedu bleeding throat
anadlu yn stopio breathing stops
clefyd y galon heart disease
wlseri stymog stomach ulser
clefyd yr iau liver deisease
gwendid cyhyrau muscle weakness
cancr y coluddyn intestine cancer
wlseri coluddyn intestine usler
analluedd (ddynion) impotence (in men)
anffrwythlondeb (merched) infertility (in women)
osteoperosis osteoperosis
byr-dymor short-term
hir-dymor long-term
alcoholig alcoholic
Created by: Ch4rlott3