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EQ periodontal anat

2011 AAEP Focus on Dentistry

In what direction are collagen bundles of the PDL oriented? multidirectional arrangements.
What is the benefit of multidirectional arrangement of collagen fibers in PDL? motion during the chewing cycle causes tensile load only in distinct groups of fiber bundles
which enzyme initiates collagen degradation in PDL remodeling? matrixmetalloproteinase-1
What is the arrangement of the blood vascular system in the PDL? inner capillary layer (near the tooth) and an outer venous layer (near the alveolar bone)
What is the most notable aspect of the equine PDL? constant, essential process of tissue remodeling, which is necessary for the continuous eruption of teeth.
Which arcades are more commonly affected by diastemata? JVD Spring 2009 mandibular
which periodontal tissues contain lymphatics? all except cementum (staszyk JVD 2005)
in which periodontal tissues are lymphatic capillaries most densely distributed? gingiva (staszyk JVD 2005)
what is the density/distribution of lymphatic vessels within the PDL? lymphatic vessels are generally sparse within the PDL. They are more dense in mandibular vs. maxillary tooth PDL. They are absent in the apical PDL of all teeth
Created by: lamarron