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Exotic Anml Dentstry

Vet Dentistry

What is the cause of the most common iatrogenic dental dz in captive wild animals? related to inappropriate diet and environmental surroundings
~What type of dentition do Cetaceans have? monophyodont (just one set of teeth)
What animal species are polyphyodonts? sharks, reptiles
What is unique about alligator jaws? The upper jaw is mobile instead of the lower jaw as in most other animals
What is a MALAR ABSCESS? facial abscess and drainage due to fractured maxillary canine teeth in captive primates
What is LUMPY JAW? acute to chromic alveolitis/osteomyelitis manifested by swellings in the facial and mandibular regions, sometimes accompanied by fistulous draining tracts
what is the etiology of LUMPY JAW? oral trauma from dry/coarse/stemmy hay with subsequent infection by Fusobacteriulm spp, bacteroides spp, peptostreptococcus spp, etc (anaerobes)
which domestic animal has the most complete set of dentition (44 teeth)? JVD Summer 2013 Pigs
What makes extraction of the premolar teeth in yucatan mini pigs difficult? JVD Summer 2013 long slender roots with dilacerated apices
What oro-facial condition may play a role in the survival of Southern Sea Otters based on findings of >1,000 museum specimens? J Comp Pathol 2013 TMJ osteoarthritis
Does the presence/severity of TMJ-OA have age or sex predilection in Southern Sea Otters? J Comp Pathol 2013 no, no
What was the most common dental disorder reported in captive degu? JVD Fall 2012 molar malocclusion
What kind of incisor and molar teeth do guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus have? JVD Fall 2012 aradicular (no permanent root structure)
How many teeth does an adult degu have? What is their dental formula? JVD Fall 2012 2 X (1/1 I, 0/0 C, 1/1 P, 3/3 M) = 20 teeth (elodont=continuously growing)
What kind of teeth do rabbits have? JVD Summer 2011 aradicular hypsodont ("elodont")
What is the term for the apical ends of rabbit teeth? JVD Summer 2011 'germinal zone'
What is the dental formula of rabbits? JVD Summer 2011 2 X (I 2/1, C 0/0, P 3/2, M 3/3) = 28 teeth
What is the growth rate of rabbit incisor teeth? cheek teeth? JVD Summer 2011 2-3 mm/week, 2-3 mm/month
What were the 3 most common clinical findings on oral exam of rescued ferrets? JVD Spring 2011 linguoversion of 302, 402. extrusion of canine teeth. AB/AT
Which teeth are degus born with? JVD Spring 2011 permanent incisors
What is the second most common reason for rodents and lagomorphs to present to vets? JVD Spring 2011 oral abscesses secondary to malocclusion or perio dz
What are features of oral abscesses in rodents and lagomorphs? JVD Spring 2011 they dissect deep into the tissues and are often composed of multiple pockets, they are VERY difficult (almost impossible) to drain
What is the recommended treatment for oral abscess secondary to dental dz in rodents/lagomorphs? JVD Spring 2011 aggressive debridement and removal...if that isn't possible, debride and marsupialize it, pack w/ABX until infxn is cleared
What dental diseases can predispose rabbits to dental abscessation? JAVMA 2010 Root elongation, crown deformities, malocclusion, dental spurs, and food impaction between teeth
Why are dental abscesses in rabbits difficult to treat? JAVMA 2010 rabbits produce a thick, caseous pus that is not only difficult to drain but usually contains anaerobic bacteria that are challenging to culture and identify
The presence of what bacteria in a dental abscess may lead to a more guarded prognosis? JAVMA 2010 E. coli
What is the most common cause of incisor tooth overgrowth in rabbits? JVD Spring 2011 cheek tooth elongation
What is the occlusal angle of rabbits and chinchillas? JVD Spring 2011 no angle, it is horizontal
What is the occlusal angle of guinea pigs? V-shaped (opposite of horses), 30 degrees
do rabbits have deciduous teeth? Vet Clin Normth Am exot Anim Pract 2003 yes (diphyodont)
What is the dental formula for the rabbit? How many and what kind of teeth do they have? Vet Clin Normth Am exot Anim Pract 2003 2 X (I 2/1, C 0/0, P 3/2, M 3/3) = 28 elodont teeth
Where is the enamel the thickest on rabbit incisor teeth? Vet Clin Normth Am exot Anim Pract 2003 labial surface
What is the most common dental problem that is seen in domestic rabbits? Vet Clin Normth Am exot Anim Pract 2003 cheek tooth elongation
What is the dental formula for a coati (Nasua nasua)? JVD summer 2008 dental formula (I 3/3, C 1/1, P 3-4/3-4, M 2/2) = 36 - 40 teeth total
What is the main contributing factor to acquired dental malocclusions in captive rabbits? JVD winter 2007 diet
Created by: lamarron
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