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Banking on Success

your employer pays you electronically Direct Deposit
go down in value Depreciate
to sign the back of the check you deposit Endorse
Another name for check card Debit card
an increase in the price of goods and services Inflation
Anything of value owned by a person or company Asset
Money an individual or business owes someone Liability
Insures each person’s money up to $100,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
The place in your checkbook where you keep track of the money you’ve spent Transaction register
Your bank’s most recent calculation of the amount in your account based on the transactions they have processed Available balance
an hourly amount voted into law by Congress for entry level jobs Minimum wage
In some places in the US, laws have been passed that require employers to pay an amt. greater than the minimum wage to help workers meet their basic needs Living wage
A fee paid for the use of another person's money or for a borrower it is the cost you pay for borrowing money Interest
Situation where there is not enough money to cover all transactions in a bank account Insufficient funds
An arrangement where a bank pays for a transaction when there are insufficient funds in your account overdraft protection
Check returned to business when presented at bank due to insufficient funds bounced check
: a document that spells out what is and isn’t covered regarding your car, home, or medical bills Insurance policy
the amt. you pay for insurance Premium
the amt. you must pay before the insurance company pays Deductible
a person who starts, organizes, and manages a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk Entrepreneur
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