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toothbrushing method

chapter 25 wilkins

Sulcular brushing; dental biofilm removal adjacent to & directly beneath gingival margin; brush 45' degree angle to long axis of the tooth; vibrate toothbrush back and forth short strokes Bass Method
Brushing method, useful for preparatory instruction for modified stillman; meant for children with relatively healthy gingiva and normal tissue contour; meant for general cleaning without emphasis on gingival sulcus The Roll or The Rolling Stroke Method
Toothbrushing method designed for massage and stimulation, as well as cleaning cervical areas; brush ends placed partly on gingiva and partly on cervical areas & directed slightly apically; movement is slight rotary The Stillman Method
Brushing method that incorporated a rolling stroke after the vibratory (rotary) stroke, brush angled 45' degree with long; axis of tooth; roll and vibrate the brush The Modified Stillman Method
vibratory tooth brushing method; brush angled 45' degree to occlusal plane with brush tips directed toward occlusal or incisal surfaces; force tips into interproximal area The Charters Method
Circulatory toothbrushing method; easy to learn first technique for young children; fast, wide, circular motion Fones
Vertical toothbrushing method; teeth edge to edge, brush vigorously with light pressure, up and down stroke Leonard
Horizontal toothbrushing stroke, principle that toothbrush follows same pathway that food follows when it traverses over tissues in "natural way" masticating act; soft brush with small tufts arranged in 4 parallel rows and trimmed even length; Smith "Physiological"
Procedure consisting of vigorously combined horizontal, vertical, and circular strokes, with some vibratory motions Scrub-brush
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