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EQ Paranasal Sinuses

Vet Dentistry

What is the main role of sinoscopy in the investigation of dental disease? to rule out other causes of paranasal sinusitis
What size Galt trephine or drill bit should be used to make a portal through the frontal or maxillary bone for sinoscopy? 3/8 - 5/8" (9.5 mm - 1.6 cm)
Where is the portal into the chochofrontal sinus cut for sinoscopy? 0.5 cm caudal to a line between the medial canthi, 1/3 the distance from the medial canthus to dorsal midline centered over the frontomaxillary aperture
Where is the portal into the caudal maxillary sinus cut for sinoscopy? 2 cm ventral and 2 cm rostral to the medial canthus of the eye
What is the risk of creating a portal for sinoscopy directly over the rostral maxillary sinus? risk damaging teeth b/c size of sinus is variable and completely filled with tooth in animals <5 yrs old
Where is the rostral portal into the rostral maxillary sinus cut for sinoscopy? 3 cm caudal to infraorbital foramen and 1 cm ventral to a line between the medial canthus and infraorbital foramen
Where is the caudal portal into the rostral maxillary sinus cut for sinoscopy? centered at a point midway between the rostral end of the facial creast and a point on the facial crest at the level of the medial canthus, 1 cm venral to a line between the infraorbital foramen and medial canthus
What are sinuscopic findings consistent with endodontic infection? swollen, hyperemic tissue overlying apex of tooth Orosinus fistua with feed in the sinus
What are sinuscopic findings consistent with sinusitis but not specific for identification of the cause? generalized mucosal thickening and edema petechial hemorrhages inspissated exudate
Created by: lamarron
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