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human vocab

Ibn Battutah Muslim traveler and writer, he visited Africa, India, China and Spain
Berbers North African people who used there knowledge of the desert to lead caravans
Nok live in present day Nigeria, they are warriors
Mansa Musa Mali's greatest and most famous ruler, he was a devout Muslim. he made a famous pilgrimage to Mecca which helped spread Mali's fame on his pilgrimage he brought the influence of Muslim law into his government
Koumbi Saleh a major trading city in the empire of Ghana
Askia the great Songhai ruler, he over through Sunni Baru, his reign was the high point of the Songhai culture. he also changed his name to give him higher power
Sundiata Founder of Mail, his reign is recorded in legends
griots West African story tellers
Morocco A city in West Africa. they invaded Songhai and they brought the arquebus. they invaded them because of the gold mines
Timbuktu a city in West Africa that began as a camp for traders around AD1100's and became a major center of learning and culture. they were sharing the empire with Mali and Ghana
Ghana A Westa African counrty located between the Neger and the Senegal rivers; sight of powerful empire and was established around the 300's. the banding together and the soninke farmers
Mali A West African country located on the Niger river; it was the location of an loction that reached its height around the 1300's
Savannah open grassland with scattered trees
Silent barter is a process in which people exchange goods without contacting each other directly to protect the location of the mines
Gold is a valuable mineral that is like money and is very hard to get and find. it was to make jewelry
Iron a hard metal that is used for making weapons and farming tools
Camel helped travel around deserts faster, you could put things on it for trade and it was easier than walking. it was animal that was made to make the caravans
Extended family a family group that consists of father, mother chlidren, and close relatives under one household. villages survived and thrived from this
Age-sets men who have been born within the same ages with 2 or 3 years, have special bonds and some women have age- sets too
Animism the belief that bodies of water, animals, trees and other natural objects have spirits
Spiritualism they believed there ancestors are still alive when they are dead
Arabic the language of most people in West African religion. the only written language that people understood and Mansa Musa created it
Dausi a special way epic poems are collected
Kente a hand woven, brightly colored Westa African fabric
Mansa high power and Mansa Musa gave himself the name. king of kings
Overgrazing when herds of animals eat all of the rass and there is no more grass or soil for farmers to farm. the Almoravid brought all of the animals in