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100 Most Common Words

En/Ett A/An
Efter After
Igen Again
Alla All
N'a'stan Almost
Ocks*a Also
Alltid Always
Och And
Eftersom Because
F'o're Before
Stor Big
Men But
(Jag) kan (I) can
(Jag) kommer (I) come
Antingen/Eller Either/Or
(Jag) Hittar (I)find
F'o'rsta First
F'o'r For
V'a'n Friend
Fr*an From
(Jag) g*ar (I)go
God/Bra Good
Hejd*a Good-bye
Glad Happy
(Jag) har (I)have
Han He
Hall*a/Hej/Hejsan Hello
H'a'r Here
Hur How
Jag I
(Jag) 'a'r (I)am
Om If
I In
(Jag) vet (I)know
Sista Last
(Jag) gillar/(Jag) tycker om (I)like
Liten/Litet/Lite Little
(Jag) 'a'lskar (I)love
(Jag) g'o'r (I)make
M*anga Many
En One
Mer More
Mest/Flesta Most
Mycket Much
Min My
Ny New
Nej No
Inte Not
Nu Now
Av Of
Ofta Often
P*a On
En One
Bara/Endast/Enbart Only
Eller Or
Annan/Andra Other
V*ara Our
Ut Out
'O'ver Over
Folk People
Plats Place
Sn'a'lla Please
Samma/Likadan(a) Same
(Jag) ser (I) See
Hon She
S*a So
N*agra Some
Ibland Sometimes
Fortfarande Still
S*adana/S*anna Such
(Jag) ber'a'ttar (I) Tell
Tack Thank you
Den/Det That
-en/-ett The
Deras Their
Dem Them
Sen Then
Det finns There is
De They
Sak Thing
(Jag) t'a'nker/(Jag) tror (I) Think
Det h'a'r This
Tid Time
Till To
Under Under
Upp Up
Oss Us
(Jag) anv'a'nder (I) Use
V'a'ldigt Very
Vi We
Vad What
N'a'r When
Vart Where
Vilken/Vilka Which
Vem Who
Varf'o'r Why
Med With
Ja Yes
Du You
Din Your
Created by: cheekypeach
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