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Dys-and mal- Bad
Hypo- and sub- Under
Uni - means One
Bi- means Two
Isch/o To hold back
Subscapular Pertaining to under the scapula
Transabdominal Pertaining to across or through the abdomen
Intervertebral Pertaining to between the vertebrae
Septicemia infection in the blood
Ischemia Deficency of blood flow
-lysis Separation, breakdown, destruction
Laminectomy Excision of a piece of backbone to relieve pressure on nerves from a disk
Menorrhea normal discharge of blood and tissue from the lining of the uterus
rhabdomyosarcoma cancer of skeletal muscle
chondrosarcoma Cancer of cartilage tissue
thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein with formation of clots
-stomy permanent or semipermanent opening
-rrhagia excessive discharge of blood
-rrhea flow, discharge
pleural effusion thoracentesis
excessive discharge of blood -rrhage
Disease condition of the adrenal glands adrenopathy
what is also known as a heart attack myocardial infarction
enlargment -megaly
groin inguin/o
plaque ather/o
death (of cells) necr/o
septic/o pertaining to infection
fallopian (uterine) tube salping/o
blood vessel vascul/o
hemi- half
inter- within
mal- bad
noe- new
cost/o ribs
cutane/o skin
ren/o kidney
son/o sound
plas/o fermation,growth
subscapular pertaining to under the scapula
subcutaneous pertaining to under the skin
-oma tumor
-y process,condition
-mortem death
-ic pertaining to
-ine pertaining to
-uria urine condition
-um structure
-ous pertaining to
-partum birth
-plasm fermation
-tension pressure
pre- before
glyc/o sugar
cis/o to cut
an/o anus
tri- three
-thesis to stand,place
-emia blood condition
bi- two
epi- above,upon
-rrhea flow,discharge
-um structure
-tension pressure
-stasis to stand, place, stop, control
-pnea breathing
-lapse to fall, slide
top/0 to put, place, position
hepatoma malignant tumor of the liver
lymphoma malignant tumor of lymph nodes
melanoma malignant tumor of pigmented cells in the skin
mesothelioma malignant tumor of plueral cells
multiple myeloma malignant tumor of bone marrow cells
thyoma malignant tumor of the thymus gland
thoracotomy incision of the chest
excision of tonsils tonsilectomy
excision of a fallopian tube salpingectomy
excision of an ovary oopherectomy
excision of the gall bladder cholecystectomy
nas/o nose
ocul/o eye
onycho/o nail
or/o mouth
osm/o smell
proct/o anus, rectum
inflammation of nerves nueritis
inflammation of fallopian tubes salpingitis
inflammation of breast mastitis
chondrosarcoma cancer of cartilage tissue
fibrosarcoma cancer of fibruos tissue
liposarcoma cancer of fatty tissue
osteogenic sarcoma cancer of bone
rhabdomyosarcoma cancer of skeletal muscle
axill/o armpit
cry/o cold
mening/o meninges
ur/o urine or urea
-sclerosis hardening
x-ray record of spinal cord myelogram
pertaining to time (occurring over a long period of time) chronic
visual examination of voice box laryngoscopy
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