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Psychiatric Disorders

Autism is observed before what age? 3
Early observations of autism Fails to show interest in others, is not socially responsive, absence of eye contact, lack of meaningful facial expressions.
How do autistic children respond to affection? Indifferent, aversion.
Speech of an autistic child Half are mute- echolalia (repeat what you say)
The autistic child may respond inappropriately to sounds? True
The autistic child frequently uses imaginary play? False
The autistic child frequently imitates others? False
The autistic child likes to be cuddled? False
The autistic child has many friends? False
The autistic child has rigid routines and rituals? True
The autistic child practices self stimulating behavior? True
3 hallmark signs of ADHD Inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity.
Primary difference between ADD and ADHD Hyperactivity
2 examples of specific drugs used to treat ADHD Ritalin, Adderall
Definition of ODD Recurrent pattern of negative, disobedient, hostile, defiant behavior.
At what age is ODD evident? 3
ODD is easily recognized by the child? False
ODD child imposes on rights of others? True
ODD is typically seen by setting fires and hurting animals? False
ODD is frequently seen w/ ADHD? True
The hallmark signs of ODD Persistent stubbornness, persistent testing of limits, refusal to accept blame, argumentative, unwilling to give in.
Acceptable Tx for ODD Individual therapy, family therapy, behavior modification.
Definition of Conduct Disorder Persistent behavior where rights of others are violated and rules and norms are disregarded.
Predisposing factors for conduct disorder Parent rejection, inconsistent parenting, harsh discipline, absence of father, Antisocial PD in family members.
Hallmark signs of Conduct Disorder Aggressiveness (hurting animals), property destruction (setting fires), stealing (violating rights of others), violating rules.
If disease continues into adulthood, may eventually be labeled as antisocial PD
To control the aggressive behavior of conduct disorder, the recommended Tx is Psychotropic meds and behavior modification
Adjustment disorder definition Response to identifiable stressor.
Symptoms of depression is kids or teens Feeling sad, w/drawl from friends, increased sleep, aggressiveness, anhedonia, irritable moods, running away, drug use, unsafe sex, interest in morbid music.
Tx for depressing in kids and teens Psychotherapy and medications
Tourette's definition Motor and verbal tics that impair function.
1st symptom is 1/2 the cases of Tourette's Rapid eye blinking.
Examples of Tourette's tics Tongue protrusion, head jerking, barking, squatting.
Using vulgar language is a hallmark sign of Tourette's? False- less than 10% use vulgar language.
Tourette's often runs in families? True- may disappear by early adulthood.
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