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Oral Surgery

Vet Dentistry

What type of radiosurgical current is the least traumatic? Fully filtered
What is the disadvantage of fully filtered radiosurgical current? minimal hemostasis
What type of radiosurgical current is good for hemostasis? Partially rectified
What type of radiosurgical current is the most destructive? Fulgurating
What is 'dry socket'? Localized osteitis: pain and necrosis resulting from exposed alveolar bone post exodontia
What size should a repair flap be relative to the palatal defect to be repaired? 1.5 - 2 X
What might cause epiphora follow extraction of the maxillary canine tooth in a cat? JVD Summer 2013 NL duct stenosis, damage
What is the main intraoperative complication in maxillectomy? JVD Summer 2013 hemorrhage
What is the main post operative complication in maxillectomy? JVD Summer 2013 dehiscence
What are 4 postop complications of mandibular canine tooth extraction? JVD Fall 2013 loss of function, loss of mandibular strength=fx risk, iatrogenic mandibular fx, tongue protrusion
What tissue has been used to reconstruct the rostral aspect of a dog's muzzle after traumatic amputation? Vet Surg 2013 mucoperiosteum of the hard palate
What effect does extraction of multiple contiguous teeth have on the alveolar ridge compared to when a single tooth is extracted? Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2011 Dec causes significantly more alveolar ridge bone loss
What is the goal of periodontal flap sx? JVD Spring 2012 to obtain new attachment with regeneration of periodontal tissues
What are potential complications of perio flap sx? JVD Spring 2012 healing with long junctional epithelium despite bone regeneration, perio pocket formation or recurrence, ankylosis with rot resorption, recurrence of gingival recession/attachment loss
What are 3 properties that a bone graft can possess? JVD Fall 2012 osteogenesis, osteoconduction, osteoinduction
Which type of bone graft has the highest antigenic capacity? JVD Fall 2012 xenograft (transferred to individual of unrelated species)
What type of collagen plays an important role in osteoblastic differentiation (and their proliferation and bone deposition) Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2010 Type I collagen
What are the 4 phases of wound healing? Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2010 inflammation, proliferation, tissue formation with contraction, and tissue remodeling
What is the main reason that maxillary growth and dentoalveolar development are impaired after surgical closure of the palate in immature animals? Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2010 Iatrogenic tissue disturbance (esp. periosteum) causes wound contraction and scar tissue formation
Does application of a dermal substitute (type I collagen membrane) help reduce scar tissue and improve maxillary growth after cleft palate repair in immature beagles? Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2010 no
What benefit does using microbial fiber membrane-Flagyl (MF-FLA) impart when placed over alveolus after tooth extraction? J oral maxillofac surg 2010 hemostasis, facilitates growth of fibroblasts and osteoblasts, inhibits inflammatory cells = superior degree and rate of healing (compared to extraction sites w/o MF-FLA)
What is a risked complication with removal of the parotid salivary gland? JVD spring 2014 facial nerve paralysis
What is a potential complication (related to the salivary system) of caudal maxillectomy? JVD spring 2014 parotid duct dilation
What are Halstad's principles? basic principles for aseptic surgery
List the first 4 Halstad's principles (1) apply strict asepis during prep and sx, (2) good hemostasis improves conditions for the procedure, limits infection, (3) avoid the formation of dead space, (4) minimize tissue trauma through careful handling
List the last 3 (of 7) Halstad's principles (5) maintain blood supply, (6) avoid undue tension on tissues, (7) carefully adapt the corresponding tissue layers
What are Halstad's 7 surgical principles? strict asepsis, good hemostasis, avoid dead space, minimize tissue trauma, maintain blood supply, avoid tension, adapt corresponding tissue layers
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